Aging Through Covid-19, April 17, 2020 – Free Will Astrology

Little Steps Poster ©Felipe Adan Lerma

Little Steps Poster ©Felipe Adan Lerma

Sheltering in place and shaking up my thinking —
I like to read Rob Brezsny‘s Free Will Astrology. Have for years!

It’s fun, positive, always encouraging, sometimes with a sly sense of humor that catches me off guard 😂

For a long time I only read my own sign. I mean, why bother with all those other ones 😊

Then a few years back I added my moon sign’s reading. Lot of times I liked it better than my sun sign reading!

And now, more recently, after reading and thinking about my own sign for a day or two, I go back, start with Aires, and work my way to end, to Pisces. Though, I know some folks feel we should read the wheel the other direction, ‘cause of being on earth. And other folks think we should read ‘em both directions, ‘cause they soul is working down into our bodies (the earth) and our bodies are longing to become like the soul.

Yeah, I’m not that into it 😊

I read mine, then, few days later, when I’m bored, Aires to Pisces. I usually like what Gemini and Leo and Sagittarius say most, in addition to my sun and moon. It’s interesting how I “find” things that click, make sense, for moments within that week’s readings.

And I know I’m liking what I want to hear, but that’s ok.

It’s surprising how often I’d begun to think along those lines. And more surprising when it wakens or reminds me of things I still value, but’d lost sight of. It’s a conversation with myself. Important now, of course, during the virus crisis, but just as often before then. When the crisis was, I’ve realized during our sheltering in place, the day to day.

That’s what, for now, Covid-19 is showing me about myself.

It’s no fun not going out whenever I want, without wipes and gloves and a mask. But it has given us a break from the treadmill, the humdrum, the all too familiar. All too frequent. All too repetitive.

And if I live through this crisis, it’s a lesson I need to review. And remember.

Like the fun way a short positive astrology reminder can do 😊

Stay strong everyone, stay creative – it’s who we are 💕


ps – another example of shaking up my thinking is in my other post today, detailing a little of why I’ve changed the pricing on my prints and gift items at Fine Art America


Series linkAging Through Covid-19

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Kirt Tisdale, a photographer I’ve liked for quite awhile was recently featured by a blogger showcasing artists around the country coping with Covid-19. Here’s his post, which links to the blogger with folks from places all over reporting on their experiences –

Do you have good, positive, useful or encouraging info to share? Please post in the moderated comments below 😊

Note: Each time I post while doing this series (may it be a short series, but if so, for positive reasons 😊), I’ll post one or more links to posts I feel are worth seeing or reading. Some will be COVID-19 specific, some just uplifting, some encouraging via exercise or nutrition etc, but all within the rubric of what we’re all facing tougher ❤️

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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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  1. Oh, fun! I used to read my horoscope all the time, but I’ve gotten away from it. I just read mine, (aren’t you a Libra also?) and then my husbands, Virgo, but that is all I need to know, right now! So far, we are making this quarantine work, but there are ups and downs for all of us, I hope you are having more good days than bad!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes! Libra! 😊 Balance, or rebalancing’s always been a part of me, even when I was so young I didn’t know an astrological sign from a stop sign, lol! Definitely ups & downs, and our routines have adjusted where we have hardly more time than before the sheltering! Maybe a little more good TV in the day, but not always, saw Episode 1 of Bosch’s new season (Prime Video) tonight, so powerful! I’d say more days good than bad, if I don’t focus on the news so much, lol 😂


  2. I love reading my horoscopes too! Free Will Astrology is awesome. I’m a Gemini so I often get a good laugh out of mine. Its fun to check out my kids too. I never check my husband’s…I prefer to be surprised, ha ha.

    I too find value in shaking up my thinking. Sometimes, I revamp my entire day just to encourage myself to do so. I cant handle boredom anyway but its still too easy to get stuck in all sorts of ruts.
    Thank you for your positive, thoughtful post ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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