Aging Through Covid-19, April 21, 2020

Little Steps Poster ©Felipe Adan Lerma

Little Steps Poster ©Felipe Adan Lerma

Jane Goodall & Earth Day April 22, 2020
Today’s Covid-19 post is a little different in format, being a review of an article I saw earlier today and just got to read.

It also celebrates Earth Day, and CNET’s article does a good job of encompassing both topics, with a really nice of string of photos showing Jane through the years – always consistent – a redundancy worth repeating, lol! 😊

I’m only presenting one of the images, the earliest shown, then giving a few excerpts.

This is a superb article, bringing into focus our interconnectedness, as a species and life among, and how we were warned, quite some time ago, what might happen if we didn’t respect that interconnectedness.

But even more importantly, that there is still much hope ❤️


“Jane Goodall says coronavirus arose from our disrespect for nature”

excerpt –
Q. Why do you think our mistreatment of animals and the environment paved the way for COVID-19?
It’s because we disregard our place in the natural world and we disrespect the environment and animals that COVID-19 happened…. (goes into some nice details)

excerpt –
If you don’t give up, you will find a way. I also help young activists with my group called Jane Goodall’s Roots and Shoots program, where they can choose projects that help the environment and animals. It began with 12 high school students in Tanzania in 1991, and it’s now in 65 countries….

excerpt –
Without hope there’s no point in continuing on. If the nurses didn’t hope they could save COVID-19 patients, they wouldn’t be risking their lives…. (more examples of hope are given)

The article includes the trailer for Jane’s National Geographic special 😊


Every creative act is an act of hope ❤️
Keep hope everyone! We’re all in it together! 💕



Series linkAging Through Covid-19

Suggested link,
I did a quick search seeing if anything related to Jane’s article was recent, and this came up – “Link between factory-farmed animals, COVID-19 and preventing the next pandemic” – it’s comprehensive in its scope but not overly long and the concepts and steps reasonably laid out – . It’s presented by The Hill as an opinion piece and well present I thought!

Do you have good, positive, useful or encouraging info to share? Please post in the moderated comments below 😊

Note: Each time I post while doing this series (may it be a short series, but if so, for positive reasons), I’ll post one or more links to posts I feel are worth seeing or reading. Some will be COVID-19 specific, some just uplifting, some encouraging via exercise or nutrition etc, but all within the rubric of what we’re all facing tougher ❤️

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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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  1. I love Jane Goodall and everything she stands for, I will read this later, it’s too pretty outside right now! I also plan to watch the new movie Planet of the Humans later today, heard it was great! Happy Earth Day!

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