When I Want to Create a List of Folks on Twitter Useful for Me

Developing a List on Twitter @FelipeAdanLerma, step 1
Developing a List on Twitter @FelipeAdanLerma, step 1

First, I chose this blog post’s weird title so’s to make clear, this is a method I use, and truthfully, don’t have much experience seeing or knowing how other folks go about this, but this does work for me 😊

Second, as I slowly seep through these horrid heat days to my birthday in we-hope we-hope cooler October, reaching the start of my 7th decade, I also find myself inversely, in speed, rapidly running out of juice to juggle as much as my wandering mind likes to play with, meaning I’ll be cutting back on my non-art related posts “quite” a bit. Or at least that’s my plan, lol! 😂 I’ll be the first to admit those don’t always (often?) go to plan ☺️ Plus, if they blog post idea is art related in some way, like this one actually is, then I’d try to get it done.


My process of creating a Twitter list
So, as many folks who know me know, my preferred social media conduit has long been Twitter @FelipeAdanLerma . This is part of how I stumble-manage my interests, folks I follow, with info if that person or group is also following me. And – this is important – it’s also a way to follow the tweets of someone or a group that either I, or they, or either of us, don’t follow each other – which is a means (for me) of keeping tabs when desired, but not getting an onslaught of tweets or info when concentrating in other directions.

Above, on the screenshot of my Twitter page today, I circled the “list” box icon. It takes me to the Lists page of my lists –

Developing a List on Twitter @FelipeAdanLerma, step 2
Developing a List on Twitter @FelipeAdanLerma, step 2

I cropped out my lists so all that’s shown is the top of the initial screenshot.

Click the circled icon which, with the little plus symbol on it’s top-right corner, means “add” a new list. Simple, I know 😊 but you’d be surprised how many times “I” click on the obvious probably icon, and get something else, lol!

Clicking the add list icon brings me this –

Developing a List on Twitter @FelipeAdanLerma, step 3
Developing a List on Twitter @FelipeAdanLerma, step 3

Well, it brings you the same thing but without the red notations 😊

What I choose to do is, enter a simple name, like – Blog flowers – in “Enter a name” –

I leave the “Description” blank, cause if I can’t name it simple enough for me to know what the list is about, I really don’t wanna bother with it 😏

And lastly, I always make my list “Private” by clicking the greyed box to the right to the right of my “2”. You can change this anytime, so no biggie if you change your mind, mis-marked it private or or not by accident and need to correct it.

Developing a List on Twitter @FelipeAdanLerma, step 4
Developing a List on Twitter @FelipeAdanLerma, step 4

#1 above, In the box “Name” I labeled “Delete this list” – if I don’t, I’ll have a heck of time either finding the list again, or forget this list really is empty and needs deleting. Or – and I’ll show you this at the end, I can rename it, as you can do with any of your lists any time, and use it for something else.

The greyed image-camera icon at top of screenshot 4 above I also never use. I know what these lists are, many are temporary, and picking and uploading an image doesn’t suit me right now. If you choose to have a public list though, I can see where this’d be really useful!

Once you’ve created your list, it’ll appear as below, with the notation at the bottom of Step 5 image, “You haven’t added anything to Delete this list – yet” .

Developing a List on Twitter @FelipeAdanLerma, step 5
Developing a List on Twitter @FelipeAdanLerma, step 5

So in this step, image above, if you know the twitter handle, ie, @whateverthenameis, you can add it directly. I rarely do this. Actually, can’t recall bothering to.

I like adding/deleting directly from a person/group’s Twitter page.

Below is the screenshot for one of my favorite Paris sites, Paname Paris – Twitter.com/ParisAMDParis , ie, @ParisAMDParis . We follow each other, and I really like the content they feature about Paris – historical, art, events, etc.

I’m adding them to this list, knowing I’ll also deleting this list, and keeping Paname Paris on my true lists ❤️

To add them to my faux Delete this List list 😊, I click the 3 dots top right of their Twitter page, and I get the list shown below, and I click the circled notation, “Add/remove from Lists.”

Developing a List on Twitter @FelipeAdanLerma, step 6
Developing a List on Twitter @FelipeAdanLerma, step 6

Once I click that link above, I get my list of Lists partially shown & blacked out below, and add this Twitter page to my faux list. It’s a real list of course, but faux to keep, lol!

As you can also see below, some of my lists don’t have many folks or groups in them. I’ll only say those lists are temporary in intent and that’s why. The larger numbered list of 36 is for some micro topic/subject of interest to me. Those come and go too, but infrequently. I have larger lists that I’ve had for a long time.

It’s really all what “you” want to do with “your” lists.

It’s your ballgame and you set the rules….

As it should be 😊

Developing a List on Twitter @FelipeAdanLerma, step 7
Developing a List on Twitter @FelipeAdanLerma, step 7

In step 8 below, I click the long white box to the right of “Delete this list” and then “Done.”

I’ve now added Delete this list to my lists, lol!

Developing a List on Twitter @FelipeAdanLerma, step 8
Developing a List on Twitter @FelipeAdanLerma, step 8

Below, you can now see that Twitter will now show me the current Twitter stream of the folks and/or groups in my new faux list.

This is very handy for seeing what someone or some group you’re interested in is tweeting, and makes it really convenient for re-tweeting the kind of content you like to share.

At least that’s my main purpose of seeing other folks’ or groups’ tweets. Obviously you can have any purpose Twitter deems allowable, but sharing content I like more easily is a biggie for me.

In the screenshot below I also circled “Edit List.”

Developing a List on Twitter @FelipeAdanLerma, step 9
Developing a List on Twitter @FelipeAdanLerma, step 9

Clicking on “Edit List” (any time I’d like or need to), brings me these options.

I can change the name of the list if it’s purpose has changed, or I’ve discovered a more appropriate name, or create a name that puts it higher on my list of Lists for quicker reference. I sometimes don’t want to change the name but do want the List higher, so I add an asterisk, ie – * , before the name.

If I wanted my faux list at top of my lists, I could rename it *Delete this list .

Sometimes I end up with several with an asterisk 😊

I really try to minimize that, lol!

Developing a List on Twitter @FelipeAdanLerma, step 10
Developing a List on Twitter @FelipeAdanLerma, step 10

It’s been said by more than one folk that social media in general, is a rabbit hole. Easy to wander into, hard to get back out 😊

Yeah, it can be. And there probably more important things I could/should do, but I do those things often enough I think.

And following my interests, and sharing those interests, is important to me. And to my mental and emotional health. And my art.

That’s good enough for me right now, at near 70, lol 😂

Stay well everyone ❤️


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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  1. This is a very helpful tutorial. I found out about lists after another tweeter told me about the feature. No longer on Twitter, but I do find that a list helps to make sure I’m always up-to-date with posts and that I can engage with everyone that I want to see.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Believe me, “I’m” also barely scratching the surface myself, lol! Been on, says Twitter, since 2008 & only started using lists a few years ago! When I started, I only had a couple of lists & stuck tons of people on them! 😊 Lately I’ve been going back into the largest list & slowly going through the profiles, seeing what the folks are tweeting, and seeing if now, with what my interests and time frame is nowadays, if I want them on the list, that list anyway, anymore. Some, I move to a more concentrated topic list where I can find them better. Some haven’t tweet in anywhere from several months to years! The ones that haven’t been active a really long time I remove from any lists. They may have quit working social media, moved on to a more compatible social media, or had some personal reasons for no longer being active. Like, you could have a list of abstract painters you like, one of artists in your area. I have an Austin list, but include anything Austin related in it, lol!


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