My Watercolor Abstracts – Exploring

Abstracts have always been fun for me, and now, via watercolors, once again exploratory, like in the 80s in Galveston 😊

What was cool ‘bout abstract-exploring in watercolor was, though I could also add pigment directly, I could also dab / smear with water! Softening areas, blending, exploring! I’ve circled some of the areas in the “before” version, and you can see in the same areas of the finished left-side version where white and/or water was applied to lighten areas.

This second-abstract-of-2020, I initially explored with heavy doses of pigment. In my first-abstract-of-2020, Ridges of Spring Light below, I used heavy does of water with small dense areas pigment.

Yeah, I’ve got a lot to explore!

And what really makes this exciting for me, is how this type of freely experimenting in abstract form, is how it then loosens and encourages me to do figure / impressionist work like this in-progress work below ❤️

Dreams of Spring in Paris ©Felipe Adan Lerma - in progress 090320 #watercolor
Dreams of Spring in Paris ©Felipe Adan Lerma – in progress 090320 #watercolor

Nothing radical in art per se, but – for me – to loosen my form-figure work like this, yeah, I feel this is a good step for me 😊 And I can say I can definitively see the connection between just having worked on the final version of Abstract 1 (watercolor top of post) and moving onto this piece.

I’d done the background weeks ago, knowing what I wanted to put in there, in terms of a figure, but couldn’t get a handle on how to present her. I’ve gotten better at figure outlines and figure silhouettes, but I wanted something more filled out yet feathery.

As a side note, the Eiffel Tower in the distance is also becoming a familiar motif in my recent work. Those’ll start showing up on Fine Art America in the coming weeks and months as I continue to work my way through finished work needing posting to FAA – though some still need a spray fix and varnish.

Final note, the knee/leg on her is still “very” messed up, lol!

It’s a perfect example of my recent Twitter post w/a comment-quote of Monet’s about painting what one “sees” – not, as I did in this work in progress, what I “thought” it should look like 😏

There are “other” parts of her I have off too, lol, but I like the feeling I’ve been able to hint at so far ❤️

Meanwhile my newsletter via Fine Art America is taking more definite form, with significant discounts for my readers for my original work 💕

Take care everyone! Stay creative and healthy!

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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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    • I thought of you several times as I painted and wrote the article, so glad we’re so akin with this, lol! Thanks, Tiffany! You were (are) the re-inspiration for trying my 1st abstract is so very long 😊


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