March 17, 2021 – Happy #StPatricksDay! My Father-in-Law’s Favorite Holiday!!

Sheila's Dad
Sheila’s Dad

Though deceased, my wife’s dad happily live large in her heart and those who knew him ♥️

He spent most of WWII in England, surviving the blitz and repairing the planes Britain and America sent out to fight the Nazis. He never lost his ardent desire to defend democracy. Nearly my age when I met him, he would phone in to radio talk shows and “discuss” the issues 😊 Luckily he and I agreed on most of the topics, lol!

I remember both he, and the radios hosts, were always respectful in regard to this then barely 30 year-old’s “opinions” – even more so than the then still mostly respectful dialogs here in Texas. Far right or left groups that advocated armed violence were not tolerated.

He was a good man, and he lives on easily in my wife’s heart ♥️

His only regret, and I’ve only heard this via Sheila, is that he was “born too late.”

Not to anything like the times we lived in or such, no, much more grand and enduring than that – that he was born the day after Saint Patrick’s Day 💕

If I’d had the 40 years hence hindsight I have now, I would’ve told him, “Naw. You just extended it a day. That’s all!” ☺️


Below are some fun tweets I saw earlier today. I was gonna lead with one or other of them, but thought it’d be a travesty of oversight on my part, lol! But they are good, and they are, I think, interesting 😊

Matthew Dowd has it seems a daily running commentary on things related to each day (well know folks born, passed away; special moments in history etc. These two tweet threads on St. Patrick’s Day, below, are, like my wife’s dad, and Sheila herself, deeply are part of their heritage and bearing ♥️

My own post on Matthew Dowd here on my site is –
Tweets That Caught My Eye on Twitter – Matthew Dowd @matthewjdowd #IndependentCommentator

And Glynn Young, below, is a prolific reader and thinker who was also very gracious to review my novella, The Old American Artist 😊 It’s a generous review, the more remarkable for being an easy length to read! You can access it at –


I did some Google searches and found these two neat quotes —

Why are leprechauns associated with St Patrick’s Day?

According to Irish folklore, leprechauns were cranky tricksters who you wouldn’t want to mess with. They live alone and pass the time by mending the shoes of Irish fairies. … The Americanized, good-natured leprechaun soon became a symbol of StPatrick’s Day and Ireland in general.Mar 16, 2012

What do leprechauns have to do with St Patrick’s Day?

Leprechauns are actually one reason you’re supposed to wear green on StPatrick’s Day—or risk getting pinched!

The tradition is tied to folklore that says wearing green makes you invisible to leprechauns, which like to pinch anyone they can see.

Stay well everyone, and may the enduring Luck of the Irish be with you! 😊

And may we all lead as full a life as Sheila’s dad ☘️


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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