April 07, 2021 – Volleyball Setter Poster 2 : Poetry, Line Art and Digital Wash


It had to happen, lol! I had to finally apply my new line art with wash coloring style to one of my writings and I figured, well, my volleyball poem series has about seven titles, so they’d be a good one to create alternative choice imaging for! 😊



Affinity Photo provides plenty of layers and layer options (most of which I don’t know how to use yet), so the program, I can tell, will and does work fine for my current purposes, barely 😏 😂 There is a full fledged manual coming out later this year for the iPad version (what I have) from an author / user (Frank Walters) of the software who’s reviews for the desktop version software are really good.

Below is the screen shot of one of my final versions for this rendition of Volleyball Setter.

At this point I’m literally randomly trying out effects, sometimes remembering enough to recreate them as needed, and just as often not remembering how, or why, lol!

An up-to date clear manual would be invaluable!


Volleyball Setter Poster 2 layers via my Affinity Photo Dashboard https://amzn.to/3fI7OF7
Volleyball Setter Poster 2 layers via my Affinity Photo Dashboard


At this point, because the 1st design, with the deeper blues and photo of one of my granddaughters and high-flying volleyball, lets me inset each new poem fairly easily without much change to the background or ball or granddaughter’s image, means I’ll probably do the rest of our volleyball poem series on this design 1st.

The second design, this new softer line art with wash rendition, requires me to (if I want text clarity) to manually erase and/or keep portions of the outline of my granddaughter’s silhouette as needed to let the text read clearly.

Since each individual volleyball poem is (by definition) different, then differing portions of the line work will need to be tweaked. That’ll take time, so that series will come after the 1st series I think.


Meanwhile, if any readers would like to give their comments on to preference between the two, and why – whether vague or detailed, I’d love to hear them.

I myself have my druthers about both versions, but they’re each their own thing now.

And I’d probably always keep both, once they’re all created.

But, well, I need the feedback ☺️


Stay well everyone!

Our packing and sorting is getting ragged, so harder and harder to do actual painting. Part of why I’m probably leaning into the digital art so much for now – easier to stop/start than wet pigments etc. I’m guessing once the move is finally done (and sorta settled) I’ll be “really” ready to push pigment around again 😊


ps – I’m even doing a little reading ‘tween exhaustions, lol! Pecking at How to Paint Like Turner late at night before sleep 😴


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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  1. […] After only having Volleyball Setter Poster available for a long time, I’ve finally begun uploading my full Volleyball sports poetry series, beginning with Volleyball Poster, onto Fine Art America!Additional Volleyball titles, in addition to Volleyball Setter & Volleyball (see above) already uploaded, will include : Volleyball Blocker, Volleyball Digger, Volleyball Dink, Volleyball Kill, and Volleyball Server, all initially in the above visual format, then in the new alternative Line Art with wash versions (which’ll take time to fully complete the imagery/poetry words to be meshed right 😊 That latter alternative visual offering can be seen in my post – April 07, 2021 – Volleyball Setter Poster 2 : Poetry, Line Art and Digital Wash* […]

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