“Everybody Counts, Or Nobody Counts” – Bosch, via Amazon Prime : Is the Canary in the Coal Mine Streaming to Us on TV?

Bosch screenshot, Episode 1 Season 7 (final season) https://amzn.to/2UDH0xn
Bosch screenshot, Episode 1 Season 7 (final season)

Bosch, one of Amazon Prime’s most popular original series, is back for its 7th and final season, and it’s clearly up to its consistently interesting topic-charged story line!

I didn’t even list it as 5 stars yet, though it clearly is, because 1) this is episode 1 of 8, and, it might blow the top off the 5 star rating – I say that having watched, binge watched with Sheila each of the previous seasons as they came out, and some, several, still stick in our minds in terms of storyline, drama, and – my point here finally in this post, lol! – message.

Now clearly, no one in episode one is saying that H.R.1, the For the People Act voting rights bill, is currently at stake in our U.S. Congress – but confluence of issues in the very 1st episode strikes deeply into current affairs – immigration, drugs (mis)use, gender and, with those few words ’bout 2/3 thru Episode 1 – “Everybody counts or nobody counts” – hits one of the most vital and probably turning points pieces of legislation since, in my lifetime, probably the 60s. Though I’ll admit, what one experiences in adolescence is typically uber-magnified in one’s estimate of what were/are the most important political events in one’s lifetime 😊

Meanwhile, here’s a link to the trailer – https://www.amazon.com/gp/video/detail/B0958QPKTM/ref=atv_dp_season_select_s7

If you’re a Prime Member, then Bosch is already included to see now!

And I’ve written more than a bit about the value, and necessity, of a Voting Rights bill that helps fulfill the promise in our Constitution, plus I doubt there’s many folks that haven’t made up their mind yet whether we should all have a fair chance to vote, so I’ll leave it at that, for now anyways 😊

And thankfully, many shows on TV are speaking to injustices of all sorts, from Bull to New Amsterdam 🙏

Beyond that, Bosch itself is just great entertainment – hard combination to beat ❤️

Whether he’s a canary or not, lol!

Enjoy everyone! There’s folks with real stories to tell on TV! 💕


ps – Sheila & I discovered Bosch ’bout 3 years ago (last time we could travel to Vermont actually) and we happened to have our Amazon Fire Stick with us & used it to surf Prime for stuff to watch when it was too late to go out; we ended up binging the 1st 3 seasons before we left, lol! 😊

ps ps – if u’d like to know ways to support H.R.1 For the People Act, my Google search here has lots of suggestions –

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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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