August 9, 2021 – The Resurgence of COVID-19 : The Hill, “Bars, restaurants move to impose vaccine mandates”

The Hill, "Bars, restaurants move to impose vaccine mandates"
The Hill, “Bars, restaurants move to impose vaccine mandates”

My recently begun series, “Resurgence of Covid-19 Austin 2021” continues with this story from The Hill —

“Full-service operators, operators of bars, they want to get back to business and one challenge that they’re facing is labor. They need to have a labor pool they can rely on, they need to be able to expand their labor pool and the way long-term they can do that is to make their employees feel safe…”

The business review platform Yelp announced this week it is adding COVID-19 guidelines to its business listings, which will allow people to filter companies based on whether they require proof of vaccination and whether staff are fully vaccinated.

“I think that maybe a few months ago people were very resistant to the idea of requiring these vaccines but now that the data is showing how effective they are, the restaurant industry is saying we’re going with the data… and that beats the hell out of closing my doors,” Susskind [ associate dean for academic affairs at the Cornell University School for Hotel Administration ] said.

Discovering that our Covid-19 vaccines, while doing a pretty darn good job protecting us, did not ward off us carrying the newer variants, especially to folks who couldn’t or wouldn’t get the initial vaccinations, has not been a reason to not vaccinate. The article from The Hill goes into more detail how, as per the focus of the article, the restaurant industry – owners and employees and patrons alike – have been hurt by being unable to sale enjoy the simple social exercise of joining together to share food and companionship.

Death rates and hospitalizations are way up, and hitting closer and closer to home for many us here in Texas, including many in my own family.

Hope, for those of us choosing to continue vaccinating, rests in projections that a booster effectively nullifying the current variants, will be available by September or October.

The former FDA chief [ Dr. Scott Gottlieb ] said the U.S. government has purchased enough vaccines to give booster shots to its entire population, stockpiling the vaccines as a “national security matter.”

it’s of course hard to say where this will all really go, but I am hopeful, even if incredibly saddened that my mom, 94 years old, unable to be vaccinated to begin with, and surrounded by people who were, contracted Covid and is struggling hour to hour. And just as bad, is she’s one of many in the same situation, a situation that did not need to be….

Prayers everyone – stay well!


ps, update: my mom has passed and is at peace now; not sure what my schedule will be, but want to have a post about her when possible ♥️ The current post was finished & scheduled before she passed. I feel a touch of the peace she must have now 💕

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  1. I tell you Felipe, at first I was quite willing to say the vaccines were a matter of choice, but now I say that those stupid enough to resist vaccination, should not be let in anywhere others gather. After all in the Army we were vaccinated before going anywhere and no one asked if we wanted to or not, you lined up and shut up. If people resist he government should simply impose it or make it very hard on their daily activities.

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