October 15, 2021 – 2nd Time Out Sketching with Austin’s #UrbanSketchers Group! Still a Treat! #PeasePark

October 2021 Urban Sketcher Austin outing image ©Felipe Adan Lerma
October 2021 Urban Sketcher Austin outing image ©Felipe Adan Lerma

Though immensely more challenging this time around for October’s outting with Austin’s Urban Sketchers chapter (heat indexes near 100 – hopefully a forerunner to an expected cool front; traffic challenges due to Austin City Limits festival), and, not particularly enamored with my resultant efforts this time around —

— it was so good to talk with other artists! Be out among so many folks and families, and, “try” my 2nd time out painting plein air since (I think) the early 2000s!

Plus I got to see some truly brilliantly executed work, done on the spot, beautiful as can be!

That’s both humbling & encouraging! ❤️

October 2021 Group images, Urban Sketcher Austin outing
October 2021 Group images, Urban Sketcher Austin outing

Pease Park, a rambling renovated (if that’s the right word) urban park Sheila & I’ve driven by for decades, but never visited, it being north of the river, traffic being what it is here in Austin, I’d no idea it’d been upgraded and made into such a great family orientated green area – https://www.google.com/search?q=pease+park+austin & https://austinparks.org/pease-district-park/ .

‘Course I’d never been down to Barton Creek Greenbelt either til we moved right beside it, lol!

So yes, Austin has a lot to gripe about, but it also does have “a lot” of urban parks (just good luck getting to them, lol!) 😊

Still, that’s another good thing ’bout now being part of Urban Sketchers, getting me up and outta the apt and into the nature spots around us – plus paint!

And there’s something very nice ’bout being able to turn to someone nearby and ask, “How do you manage to carry your water to clean your brushes?” – and – have them show you how like if you’d asked how to tell your right from your left hand and not blinked an eye….☺️

Here’s some basic info about Austin’s Urban Sketchers group I had on my 1st post ’bout my 1st outing with them

Here’s some takeaways for me about my sketch at today’s Austin Urban Sketcher’s outing

  • Leave earlier if traffic or other unknowns are an issue (like finding the location)
  • experiment if I like, but don’t totally abandon what I like doing
  • marvel at distinctly different styles without feeling I need to be able to do that also
  • don’t forget my waterproof drawing pens next time (charcoal pencil’s nice, but doesn’t keep its lines with washes of colors)
  • and, remember how nice it feels to breathe outside air same time I’m painting ❤️

Some days are so full that bursting isn’t even considered a problem, there’ll just be more of you out there enjoying, lol! Stay active everyone, enjoy! ♥️


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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    • Fingerless gloves sounds like the way to go with the cold; haven’t read much ’bout how Monet handled painting those frigid coastal and winter scenes but bet that’d be interesting! And thank you so much for the kind comment re my poor little sketch – I did enjoy doing it very much though, so nice to paint outside ❤️

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      • Felipe, I have been following a course online all about impressionist painting. And the tutor was of the opinion that the famous French Impressionist paintings were probably completed in 90 minutes. Still, a bit long for painting in the snow!

        Liked by 1 person

        • Could be, I know I’d “wanna” be working quick if I was standing in snow & cold air, lol! 😊 I’d read Renoir esp did many paintings in one sitting, but’ve also read many of his masterpieces, the big group outdoors ones, took several weeks. And Monet could take months or years as he moved into many of his later series – haystacks, that long bridge (I think in London?) Sargent I’d read was very fast, esp with his watercolors. Fascinating stuff for me too! ❤️

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