October 16, 2021 – My Idea for Promoting My WordPress Blog Posts on Twitter (Besides My Pinned Tweet), Part 2

Knowing me, I doubt this’ll be my final tweet format I can use on Twitter to let folks see & know what my most recent blog posts are (see above). I of course tweet the individual blog posts themselves out, often using them here in my posts. But I felt the need for a more inclusive, easy to change to keep up-to-date format and after some earlier incarnations, this tweet above may work for me for awhile, changing the screen shot of my current blogs as needed 😊

Part 1, I showed my current pinned tweet and expressed I wanted something I could also keep current, plus how I used Twitter’s Tweetdeck to solve a lot of logistical problems for me, and that I hope to use Tweetdeck for also keeping a rotating tweet about my current blog posts. Tweetdeck is a very handy tool, free from Twitter, and something I hope they keep that way for us regular folk, lol!

Below is my 1st tweeted version, still searching for what I wanted to send out —

I like it, but the tall format didn’t show as well as Twitter’s horizontal format, at least on my time line, plus it seemed at the same time too minimal yet all scrunched up, lol! 😊

So I formatted a tweet similar to my pinned tweet.

1st tweet format for my blog posts Oct 2021
2nd tweet format for my blog posts Oct 2021

Better, but still no cigar 😊

I had a few retweets by other folks of this version, but I still felt it was too top heavy and didn’t show the meat of the tweet enough, ie, the featured images for each of my current blog posts. So I tried this, using an updated screenshot of my then current blog posts —

3rd tweet format for my blog posts Oct 2021
3rd tweet format for my blog posts Oct 2021

Much better I think. Cleaner. A little more blog post variability visible in terms of the featured image for each post didn’t hurt either. And the image-update was also updated to reflect that.

But I hadn’t chunked all my former material 😊

Here’s a screenshot of my workspace for this new blog post tweet format via Affinity Photo. The red lines I “marked up” via my iPad highlight material that’s “unchecked”, meaning not visible on my work space unless I re-click them. I’m pretty sure I’m not gonna want that small scrunched up header atop my featured images, or the old featured images screenshot for 10.09.21, but it won’t cost me much to keep them for now.

Formatting 3rd tweet version for my blog posts on Affinity Photo Oct 2021 https://amzn.to/3DxTXde
Formatting 3rd tweet version for my blog posts on Affinity Photo Oct 2021 https://amzn.to/3DxTXde

Below, is my final (meaning current) full tweet format, complete with text within my tweet above the graphic I’d created in Affinity Photo (built to be easily updated then posted on Tweetdeck). It’s the same one as my top image. Looks like it’s already gotten a few retweets since posting it so I could also have the tweet url to be able to post it here 😊 —

I took a screenshot of the full tweet on Twitter, and am also using it as my featured image for this post. Pretty neat!

It, the full tweet image as visible on Twitter, will now itself be one of my blog post featured images seen on an updated version of this new tweet format I have saved on Affinity Photo! Amazing & even neater, lol!

Who knows – one day, I may decided to have this tweet version (updated of course) as my pinned tweet, and just point to my images on Fine Art America via my blog posts & random tweets..and see how that works ☺️

That’s it for now – stay well everyone! Even here in Austin we’re moving into the top tier of Stage 3 (Covid alert), a slight restriction-release from Stages 4 & 5 💕


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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