November 27, 2021 – LOL! I Don’t Like It, But I WANT It! : Preparing More Paintings and Applications for Places to Show and Sell!!

(some of my) Paintings, finished & in-progress ©Felipe Adan Lerma, Thanksgiving 2021
(some of my) Paintings, finished & in-progress ©Felipe Adan Lerma, Thanksgiving 2021

I squashed together what I could to show a “fair” sampling of my work recently finished or in-progress right now. There’s more, tucked here and there among these, lol! And on another wall! I choose to consider that a good problem 😊

Seeing these together like tis, If I had to choose one thing tying them all together – the impressionist skews, the abstracted slants, the washes, the thick tones, the high key and (nearly) BW work – I’d say it’s my brushstrokes —

— generally fluid, generally curvy, generally with both soft and hard edges,

— with “generally” being the operative word I think ☺️

A few pieces are at the Old Bakery & Emporium, but I’m hoping to extend out in the new year with some (or most) of these in new places. Austin is not Houston or NY, but it has great folks, with new folks, and tons of college students, joining the city nearly each month it seems!

The work of producing paintings isn’t like real work to me ❤️

But filling out applications, visiting shops…

…that’s real work, with folks running galleries and shops with expenses to cover and time to run them. I know, having had a frame & print shop (differing years) both in Galveston and here in Austin. I don’t wanna waste their time, nor mine of course, but I’m the one asking, so I think it’s on me to prepare however a shop might need to be willing to see and hopefully show my work.


Thanks so much everyone! Stay creative! Stay hopeful! 💕


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