December 03, 2021 – I Am Tired, But I Am Happy; I’ve Been Painting, A Lot!

(some of my) Newer Paintings, finished & in-progress ©Felipe Adan Lerma, Nov into Dec 2021
(some of my) Newer Paintings, finished & in-progress ©Felipe Adan Lerma, Nov into Dec 2021


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The above pic contrasts below with this earlier pic shot shot in November —

And there’s more, needing tinkering or touchups or matching with a potential frame; plus those works still only in my mind and heart, lol!

I do also still want a dominant blue abstract work, and I do have an idea to start with my usual light molding paste, but, mixed with a tint of yellow 😊 then layered with thick and thin layers of varying blues – we’ll see 🤞

But, seen above, in the right side comparison shot taken at Thanksgiving, “may” be my 1st true intentional minimalist work. Seen above with a white frame, here’s what it looks like in black —

Minimalist Abstract 2 ©Felipe Adan Lerma 18x24 on Light Molding Paste on Canvas
Minimalist Abstract 2 ©Felipe Adan Lerma 18×24 on Light Molding Paste on Canvas

Maybe not abstract as I might eventually have, maybe not as minimalist as I may eventually come up with, but loving being able to play with the surface without as much attachment to what the image may actually be 😊❤️

And the at-the-bottom of the easel painting in the top right pic is a nearly finished holiday painting for December.

Here it is again below, this time in the bottom left pic, with the bottom right image showing the most recent work on the pink & white figure on the easel, plus, below it, the beginning lay-in at a shot at the abstract detail I took from my in-progress Valentines 2022 painting! And to the right it, is a floral or space like expansion of color and shapes from a center – it’s also “almost’ done lol!

As I say – I’m tired. But I’m happy ❤️


Thanks so much everyone! Pace! Breathe deeply! And give thanks! 💕


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