December 01, 2021 – My Minimalist Art Experiment, “Abstract Minimalism 1 (in-progress) Part 1, a Beginning

in-progress, Abstract Minimalism 1, ©Felipe Adan Lerma, Nov 24, 2021
in-progress, Abstract Minimalism 1, ©Felipe Adan Lerma, Nov 24, 2021

A funny thing happened on my way to my newest attempt to correctly ( ie, satisfyingly ) extrapolate a detail shot ( variations of which I’m calling, “Approach” ) of one of my paintings (Autumn Passage) —

— during the 2nd lay-in, after applying Light Molding Paste over the canvas, I ended up, when I’d see it from a distance, ie through a door from another room, very much liking its basic look; enough so I decided to try and enhance the current stage of the painting, yet, keep it’s basic minimalism intact 😊

in-progress, Abstract Minimalism 1, ©Felipe Adan Lerma, Nov 24, 2021
in-progress, Abstract Minimalism 1, ©Felipe Adan Lerma, Nov 24, 2021

My self-justification is/was : what do I have to lose?

Well, besides a canvas. Which I can paint over. And paint & mediums ( light molding paste, marble dust, water, and a soft fluid zinc white). But that’s the partial cost of experimenting. The other part being Time.

But if I use my time enjoying what I’m doing?

Well then, maybe that’s why sometimes experimenting feels like indulgence.



From as far back as I can remember folks looking at my paintings, they most frequently remarked at the sense of peace in them. Something I didn’t quite accept. Or understand. I guess now, that I more frequently have figures in my art, often creating, for me, at least psychological movement, I do see ( feel? recognize? ) more a satisfying peace in my work.

Like, it’s no longer so much a static peace, but peace within movement.

After all, we shouldn’t, as we so often have to growing up, have to “sit still” or “be quiet” or “be invisible” and yet also be in balance with ourselves and our world. The earth spins. As does everything else around and within us, from neutrinos to galaxies…s so my soul must also ❤️

Here’s 3 recent paintings I think do capture some of that —

Yes, I’ll probably veer off in another experimental direction next week, or next day! But I’m beginning to see, or better yet, understand, that this process is not a sign of an inability to “settle down” or “find my art” – but actually is the part of my art that may well be the wellspring where, even if rarely, a really good, surprisingly good work —

— emerges….

* blog posts on painting on my site –

Thanks so much everyone! Stay curious, be alive! Stay creative! 💕


ps, I have indeed altered the painting to make it more minimal, yet intact & attractive; but I can tell I’m still not done with it; hope to have something closer to finished soon 😊

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  1. I find that paintings take on totally different looks depending on how far away you get, the same painting change drastically from 1 foot away to 20 feet away. I really like your miminalistic work of late, keep trying new things!😊

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    • I guess I just hadn’t noticed it that much with my work til lately, but I think it’s really neat; like having 2 paintings in one, lol! So glad you’re liking the trend, Tiffany, thank you! I’ve always had spots of minimalistic work I realize now, looking back, but it wasn’t a recognized focus on my part, so it only appeared more or less by accident I guess, lol! This piece very much wants to be more minimal I feel, and I just suddenly liked the basics of this one and thought, hey, minimal! It’s still in-progress, and still becoming more minimal, but in ways I hadn’t anticipated – truly fun stuff! ❤️ 😊


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