December 02, 2021 – My Minimalist Art Experiment, “Abstract Minimalism 1 (in-progress) Part 2, Major Shift

in-progress, Abstract Minimalism 1 ©Felipe Adan Lerma, November 25, 2021
in-progress, Abstract Minimalism 1 ©Felipe Adan Lerma, November 25, 2021


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December 01, 2021 – My Minimalist Art Experiment, “Abstract Minimalism 1 (in-progress) Part 1, a Beginning

A major shift indeed!

Below is where I began (left side pic) —

The large blue area (which I loved) had to be muted (or change the other orange/red areas). Blue bottom areas were also muted. The white/yellow glaze over the blue area tinting it into green.

But, do I want to do more? Do I need to do more?

I don’t know yet.

However, several things seem apparent to me for how I’d want to approach future minimalist works —

  • Though I like where this work is at right now, and I may or may not adjust it some more, future pieces in this series I think I’d like to be more monochrome, even more about a particular tone of a color
  • Which leads to the idea of a series involving the various colors I’d like to explore, just as colors 💕
  • And losing / letting go of that large blue area made me even more aware how much I like working in blue, so really need to do a blue-dominate minimalist variation
  • Finally, the presence of texture and layered work seems to especially become more apparent, in my own applications of that anyway, in a more single-color dominate work

I was searching my images lately for a work that exemplified some of the above, however unintentionally at the time, and there may be others, but for now, Surfing the Light seems a really good example.

Oil, on 12×16 canvas, mostly palette (which is how most of the changes to the current state of Abstract Minimalism 1 were made) with the figure and surfboard brushed in, and, in contrasting colors to the dominate sky/sea tones —

I don’t anticipate adding a figure to my current work in-progress, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I do eventually, in another newer work; probably be a surprise to me when that moment of opportunity shows up, lol! 😊

For now, I’m putting Abstract Minimalism 1 aside, for a day? a week? I don’t know, but I’ll be back with a final better image capture eventually; the image as a whole looks good to me, but the surface is so different over the blue vs the remainder of the painting, I haven’t decided what it needs. A coating, overall, maybe? Wish me luck 🙏 ☺️

Thanks so much everyone! Stay curious, stay creative! And keep your fingers crossed, lol! 💕

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