July 18, 2022 – Headline Stuff I Tweeted About, #climate #inflation #GlobalMinimumCorporateTax #CryptoMiners #innovation

UNITED STATES CRYPTO MINERS ARE NOW USING AS MUCH POWER AS HOUSTON https://futurism.com/the-byte/us-crypto-miners-power-houston
UNITED STATES CRYPTO MINERS ARE NOW USING AS MUCH POWER AS HOUSTON https://futurism.com/the-byte/us-crypto-miners-power-houston

Less than a week ago my post for the day was also a collection of my retweets on a variety of subjects.

There’s a lot for most of us to think about – both whether we like or approve or agree with something, and – what if anything we can do about it.

Let’s face it, beyond donating a few dollars here and there, our most powerful contribution is simply sharing the conversations we see and hear each day – and then, in November – vote again like our lives depend on it —

— because they do!

Economically, health wise for ourselves and those we care about, and beyond our own spheres, the simple truth, the chance we’ll destroy the only place we can live right now…Planet Earth 🌍 💕


I included a tweet about inflation in the 1980s my previous post to remind or show folks that today’s high prices certainly aren’t totally unique, but also to point out the parallel that an year 2 terms president then presided at the beginning of that inflationary awareness, and folks ( at least those around me ) weren’t blaming President Reagan – even though I personally like him as an actor vs politician 😊
This seems an especially important point too often overlooked – investments in clean energy ( thus ours and our children’s health ) pays dividends beyond being able to breath better. The questions, it seems to me, should be, when debating spending on clean energy and climate in general is – who profits if we “don’t” do this? And thus “clean up” the smog surrounding these discussions.
This is significant for the current inflation discussion because – if home prices ( and rents ) our biggest costs beyond the danger of out of control medical costs are going down ( even here in Austin! ) and inflation is still stubbornly rampant – where is that money coming from and where is it putting pressure?
This tweet doesn’t address where the excess money to create excess demand or bidding for goods comes from, but it does point out “one example” of where that excess money is going to – and it’s not climate change or health care or food or saving democracy. And I’ve nothing against crypto, mostly ’cause I don’t understand nor follow it ( our kids do ), but really, using as much energy as the 4th largest city in the United States? That’s a lot of excess energy needed elsewhere to cool an overheated planet!
Meanwhile, folks like Rolls Royce of all corporations, are in the “test run” phase of creating planet friendly energy. Article says they’re working on scaled down size-versions too. Hmmm, maybe I could get one for our old car, lol! 😊
And here’s a country, for whatever reasons, is urgently targeting a near-term full transition to clean energy. Where there’s a will to provide for a nation, there seems to be a way….
And on the other side of our globe, another country, or one of the opposition parties there, is taking our climate crisis seriously also. I read / scan the Guardian’s Australian edition, and their floods and heat have been increasingly devastating this vast land. My question is, why is it only the “opposition” party promoting this?
And finishing up, I include this from the head of our Federal Reserve, about a Global Minimum Corporate Tax. A reasonable proposal I believe – though granted from the little I know about the details. But I like minimum tax ideas, especially those equally applied across the board. If everyone, even us as individuals, paid one set tax, no matter how little or how much we made – it’d be the most democratic, easiest incentive for anyone willing to do as much productivity and creativity as they liked, knowing there’d be no skirting one’s fair share.


These are fun for me to read and post and comment about, even if I don’t know all or often much about the topics included. But I feel they are important, for me, those I care about, and our dear planet we all live on.

Earth is our neighborhood now ☺️ 💕

Stay well everyone! ❤️




I support passage of The Voting Rights Act 🙏❤️😊

Voting, in our democracy, is the purest form of expression.

Dissenting, affirming, protesting – 
– all flow through the form of the ballot, not, the bullet…

Stay well everyone – for oneself, and for those who need us most..the children….



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