“Heart Beats” – Happy Valentine’s Day ;-)

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“heart beats” – happy valentine’s day  😉


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Heart Beats by the Lake
Heart Beats by the Lake

my poem below, “heart beats,” was a turning point of sorts

though, as usual, i not only didn’t realize it, but wasn’t even vaguely attuned to any kind of turning point  😉

in my meditation posts (part 1 starts tomorrow) i’ll refer back to “heart beats” as i make sense of what it is that turned…

today though, is my wife sheila’s birthday –

happy birthday!!!

unlike my poem-post on friday, “cross country,” with its union of self to a larger “oneness,” “heart beats” is a meditation by one soul linked to another…

and though i believe each of us must find our own way, i don’t believe our purpose here on earth, is simply to find our lone way back to our source, whatever it may finally reveal itself to be…

i’ve never accepted the viewpoint that our goal is to reach nirvana, or samadhi, or heaven, or any other idealized potentiality, just merely to reach it, to rejoin a lost status, or recover a prior state of being

at what point, in this projected recovery of oneness, would that soul consider that there are other souls that also need teaching or companionship?

at what point would this risen soul feel the universal impulse within their heart, and want to help out? or be a part of that effort?

the fun part, at least  😉  is, we seem destined with this incredible freedom to choose how we’d contribute

i mean, have we ever really ever thought, when we fell in love, it was “merely” physical?


Heart Beats

When you smile

or grin

your lips stretching

in a way that pulls at me…

When you speak


to me calming my day

into our night…

When you move


easily – softly upon the earth…

When we spend

our time together

gathering memories

like the butterfly and bee


all that’s good

between us…

That’s when my heart beats.

©  1994-2011 adam light creations / adan lerma


Sheila, Land Water & Sky
Sheila, Land Water & Sky

written nearly 17 years ago, my commentary on my old artist’s site, back in 2008, still says it best  😉



Artist’s Comment: one of my earliest and one of my enduring best poems

widely and wonderfully accepted; one of those rare writing treats, equally as satisfying and mystifying as a painting done in fresh single swipes, written as it flowed off my pen; the words and ink were almost one

adan – january 12, 2008


is “heart beats” a meditation? was the experience of creating it a meditation?

tomorrow’s post starts a much more in-depth 3 part look at my views about meditation

poetry series


meditation: “am i doing it yet?” part 1 – who defines meditation?

meditation: “am i doing it yet?” part 2 – definitions mechanisms comparisons

meditation: “am i doing it yet?” part 3 – yes! maybe, sometimes 😉




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  1. hey man you rocked a beautiful love poem…and captured a feeling htat often is ellusive or comes up flat when we put words to it…i hope you had a wonderful valentines….and that she has a happy birthday today…


    • thanks brian, yea, she had a great birthday i think 😉 hope yours went as well too

      “heart beats” is just one of those rare ones for me that just came out whole and ready, thanks 😉


  2. as I learned recently.. heart beats would be a great way to connect to other people through their higher beings and not thru their physical or flawed human beings.


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