Today is Better – a Meditation Mantra of Simplicity

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“the intent of this blog is to incrementally build a body of thought that works toward integrating various topics, yoga, fitness, and the arts – it’s a process…”


today is better – a meditation mantra of simplicity



today is better…

i tend to resist simple sayings

too many ways they aren’t true, or they’re false, or incomplete, or…

well, see what i mean? 😉

but, today is better – though getting to that meditation of simplicity, for me, as usual, was a process…


i’m fairly eager to share and yak about complicated ideas that work for me, it’s fun for me –

i’m much more hesitant to share those brief simple things i rely on each day


the way i was/am about art, mostly self-taught vs occasional classes

the way i was/am about yoga, mostly self-posed 😉 vs the extremely rare class [1]

my yoga teacher immersion has been my only exception for art or yoga so far

so, truthfully, this’ll only be a time-specific snippet, then back into my core of hearts it goes…today is better



Initial Proddings

deadwood winter wetland springing flower-speckled


it usually begins with a simple wish, a wishing for a simple answer, simple solution, to some continuing concern, nagging at my attempts at bliss 😉

things like, i’m hungry, i haven’t exercised, gotta pee, i need to save money, my body felt funny this morning – a cold creeping in on me? call my mom, see my kids, grandkids too, pet leo (not something i wanted scratched off) …

i needed something simple to help place the train-wheels back on my mind-track, even knowing the track is circular, curvy –

the destination just a promise…


White Flower Spots in Winter Field
White Flower Spots in Winter Field


so i tried –

abundance, worry free, unlimited money, perfect health, handsome, beautiful, art, love, and even [nothingness] – meaning, no word

they’re ok 😉

but i’d get into fights with all those phrases, all of them, and all with myself of course – and no, i won’t rehash them, thank god! 😉

the “process” led me to “it’ll be a better day” – “today’s the best day” – “today is better yet”

yea, the usual fights…

in fatigue, one night, i fell asleep with “today is better” –

was too tired to argue, and woke feeling better!


Stabilizing Sureness

floral specks begin to speak peeking out among the brush


i did, over the next several weeks, hold interior-minor-arguments, defining “better” – defining “today” – and almost tried defining “is” – but would brain-face-smile, thinking of old bill (clinton)

the meditation-mantra itself was getting better

a sureness in its “fit” for me was being set into the fibers and fascia of my musculoskeletal system –

i moved more comfortably, confidently –

felt more assured, today is better…

did this mean i no longer worried about finishing paperwork for a notary i needed to get done? earthquake tolls rolled me no more? thoughts of my mom or kids or wife or pet kitty didn’t appear unannounced? that our older vehicle was now truly aging?

or, that i now enjoyed driving houston freeways tired during rush hour?

wouldn’t have challenges?

no 😉


i began starting, booking-ending, then returning to my mini-mantra:


Florals Speaking Up in Winter Wetland
Florals Speaking Up in Winter Wetland


today is better, yesterday is better, tomorrow is better, today is better

i didn’t want a message to my sometimes silly sub-conscious, playful and well-meaning as it is 😉 that yesterday was now no good –

or that tomorrow was good, but then, today isn’t!

see the trouble with a tinkering mind? same thing as it’s benefit 😉 nuance-naming –

the point i wanted to make to myself was,

each day is better…

and i left it at that…


my mind was satisfied that “today is better” – if each day is better

“today is better” is encompassing enough

my heart had long ago accepted “today is better” – and was just patiently waiting for “catch-up”



spring speckles sprinkled among winter’s waiting wetlands


today is better , yesterday is better, tomorrow is better, today is better…

began to sink in deeper, filling small crevices, holes and eddies…

soaking thru membranes & memories, murmuring musings…


today is better…warm, flowers on the ground

yesterday is better…accident-free fwy, mom looked happy

tomorrow is better…breakfast out, good surprises await

today is better…sheila’s out shopping for basics, leaving me time for this [2]


the fill-in’s change, often the same day

the meditation template doesn’t

today is better….

namaste – con dios – god be with you


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[1] this point i believe deserves a little more yak time on my part

for me, these rare class attendances on my part for art and yoga instruction don’t reflect negatively on subjects i have attended many many classes on: writing and jazzercise

all my degrees and learnings –

from my BA in Theatre thru two masters degrees, to over a decade of jazzercising, i benefited directly and greatly from attending all those classes

many years in jazzercise, i earned the 100 class t-shirts, which i still wear 😉

there’s just something kinda fragile for me, about certain subjects of interest, that seem to demand i spend more me-time on them…

[2] it’s like i’ve re-hardwired myself for “today is better” alerts now –

yes, i still need to improve my classes, my knowledge base, my intra- and inter-personal relationships, my monetary life, my art, my writing, my hairline opps, that’s in the fantasy-next-life category 😉

but now, i get these  solar-powered  heart-minding  alerts –

like the way the tiny flowers initially show themselves in the first image above –

while now, in the second image, they glow and color the field around them



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