Mom at the Museum – “Somebody Has To Do the Cleaning”

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mom at the museum – “somebody has to do the cleaning”




wrote this on my new facebook pg:


Mom at Museum – “Somebody has to do the cleaning”

had to give it a title 😉

took mom to the mfa houston impressionist exhibit today with my wife and sister; saw a few real gems from monet renoir and company

had a tastey lunch and chat

"Last Supper" Sebastiano Ricci circa 1720
“Last Supper” Sebastiano Ricci circa 1720

what did mom remember ’bout the art show and like best?

a last supper rendition by Sebastiano Ricci circa 1720, that wasn’t even part of the pricey admission

unlike leonardo’s version, this one has a dog eating up front plus a laundry lady to your left as you view the painting

here was one of history’s most imagined-recorded moments  [1] , the last supper, and what caught her eye, was the dog and the laundry lady –

it spoke reality to her; it said, even then, somebody had to do the cleaning…

that’s my mom 😉


if yoga is, partially at least, the development of a balanced sense of the importance of all facets of our life, then my mom, devoutly catholic, has made that attribute her own

yoga, it seems, like oneness, as part of oneness, is like the air –

no one owns it, we all need it….

namaste – con dios – god be with you





[1]  “Last Supper” Sebastiano Ricci circa 1720



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