I (used to) Drink More Coffee Just to Breathe More Air – My Yoga-to-Dance aha! Moments! – # 6

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i (used to) drink more coffee just to breathe more air – my yoga-to-dance aha! moments! – # 6


i (used to) drink more coffee just to breathe more air

post (official) mother’s day, sheila and i resume our texas to vermont prep with appts in austin

after our pre 8am initial chore of the day, off for coffee & breakfast

i used to drink coffee all day, even thought for a while i could successfully drink away my over-do-coffee-drinking via decaf ;-( yuk 😉

now i enjoy my morning coffee

this morning, my hot coffee, away from home, was especially tasty

the aroma & special blend at our fav tex-mex cafe in south austin, curra’s grill, was perfect with their famous breakfast tacos

Aromas, Coffee and Breathing
Aromas, Coffee and Breathing - Original Photography by Adan Lerma

my first sip was welcomely familiar – from the old days 😉

hot & fresh, i backed away, took a deep pausing breath, then carefully sipped again, and an older familiarity, from the old-old days hit me

i realized, my way to breathe more deeply back then, was to slurp more air in as i sipped my coffee!

after i cut my all-day coffee binges back to mornings, when i enjoy it most, i slowly got the habit of breathing in the aroma in a full breath between sips

i knew i was substituting a breath for another drink of coffee, excess coffee

i didn’t know then how important those new deeper breaths were for me, wasn’t aware how they grounded me in myself

yoga wasn’t teaching me this formally –

yoga as life, correcting-enhancing itself in me, was…

what’s remarkable to me, now that i’m more consciously involved with yoga, is how yoga helped me, so suddenly, be aware of all this that i write of today

yes, wake up and smell the roses, uh, coffee 😉

definitely the dance of life…

namaste – con dios – god be with you


yoga to dance aha! series



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