adan’s original paintings # 5 – “Austin at Night”

Auction #1 - Signed Artist’s Proof 1 of 2 of “Austin at Night” circa 2003 © Felipe Adan Lerma
Signed Artist’s Proof – Austin at Night circa 2003

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my original paintings art work, # 5

“austin at night”

Please Note: Major update 100319 😊 




Austin at Night
Austin at Night circa 2003, 36×48 Original Oil by Felipe Adan Lerma, Private Collection


Yoga is a Night of Light

sheila and i walked the shore one october night, along with thousands others celebrating one of lance armstrong‘s early tour de france wins

it was a rare beauty of a night, dry-ish air, cool, not windy

the air itself, as is often in austin, was festive

energy permeated everyone

but in a spell-bound, quiet, peaceful way one can only breathe in and let the senses feast as feast they can 😉

the final image remained true to the couple in a canoe resting on the for-now controlled colorado river, the segment by downtown renamed town lake for its useability – that couple was everyone in one’s or two’s or more struck still by the scene of man and nature, steel and shrubs and a street of water, co-existing, re-charging, preserving each other

i’ve often wondered if ancient tribes of indians, resting along the shore, or riding rapids waves of yet-to-be controlled waters, felt the same wonderment

i can’t imagine they wouldn’t have

after all, barton springs, less than a mile upstream, is known to’ve been a sacred place

most of us that’ve lived in austin still believe it is 😉


a large image, for me, 36×48, on gallery-wrap canvas, painted with a just-getting-used-to medium of water based oil paints – even my art medium an example of opposing forces merging into something new and welcome 😉

in a rare procedure, though i worked as usual from both memory and my own photos, i’d print out sectional sheets of the image on 8/12 x 11’s, piece them together, and have them taped on a portable wall where i worked –

i’d simply let the image be there, for me to notice, and let the interaction tell me what i’d like to see : more dark or light, which colors where, extend or concentrate gradations, sectional proportions, and of course the general gestalt of the scene as we’d seen it

below, below a detail from “austin at night,” i’ve reposted my artist commentary from 2008

it repeats some of what i’ve written above, but the image still has such a power for me, i’ve decided to show that, and let my current and my previous commentaries stand



Austin at Night
Austin at Night, Original Oil by Adan Lerma, Private Collection


Artist Commentary

“Austin at Night”

Please note: the Commentary below is from 2008! 😊 

a grand evening image of the austin skyline

my wife and i had been at the huge gathering celebrating one of lance armstrong’s tour de france early victories, and had gone behind the stage set up by then town lake (now lady bird lake) and decided to stroll along the path by the shore

lots of other people were doing the same

it felt we were back stage, as we were literally behind the giant temporary stage, and in relative darkness with all the lighting on the other side of the night’s action

cool night october air was a grand relief from the usual hot austin weather that lingers well into october and sometimes november

people in canoes and small boats were anchored near by on the river, or slipping slowly past in no hurry to leave the night

the image in the painting is very much what it looked like that night – i believe the texture and deep tones help capture the restful upbeat feeling everyone seemed to enjoy

the skyline has changed quite a bit, many new original design buildings have since been raised, but much else is the same

lady bird lake, even with its name change, the path along the shore, the cool evenings after the warm or hot days, and people enjoying the chance to be in so much nature, in the midst of so much urbanness, is all, still, very much there

adan – october 4, 2008


adan’s orignal paintings series


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yoga is a night of light…

namaste – con dios – god be with you

adan’s orignal paintings series

Please Note: Major update 100319 😊 



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