Adan’s Fine Art America Images #1 – Austin at Night, Painting circa 2003

About my “Adan’s Images” Series

I’ve struggled for quite awhile to come up with a means or routine that’d let me present my work, especially all the photos and paintings I’ve uploaded @FineArtAmerica (FAA) since early 2016.

We’ll see how this works out, lol 😊 Starting with my oldest work I’d uploaded onto FAA, I‘ll be progressing through each image. Some images, like my 1st to be presented this way, Austin at Night, have variations. Sometimes a poster version or a vertical, a crop or macro, or even a digital or painting version.

When that’s the case I’ll present them all together. They’re parts or whole of the same image.

When the image is available as a whole, photo or painting, but is used as the background for a gift writing, like Step Mom, I’ll present the gift writing on its own, but link to it from the image’s presentation.

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Any image I am offering at Fine Art America is available from me directly, and sometimes other outlets, as a 12×18 poster in a quality format, and is “usually” open for customization as an option for an extra charge. You can contact me at – .

Details re purchase, shipping, payment, and customization can be found on my Eiffel Tower product page at –😊/#purchase .

Thanks so much! – Adan

About – Austin at Night

Austin at Night is a 36×48 original oil painting on gallery canvas I created in 2003 and is now in a private collection.

My post, adan’s original paintings # 5 – “Austin at Night” written in early 2011 when I started my WordPress blog, is interesting to me as a reminder how I viewed this work, 8 years after I’d finished working on it, and, how different Austin still was from today, less than a decade ago!

The skyline has changed, the traffic and people have changed, though mostly the former. So much has changed that the 2003-6 Austin paintings I recently sold sparked the comment from the husband-wife buyers of exactly that, that the paintings were now almost historical, lol! Amazingly true! 😊

People looking for authenticity still swarm to Austin, but often find an expensive upscaled version. And compared to many similar large cities across our nation, does retain a certain flair and energy.

And if you’re young enough, of age and heart, it can be like when my wife and I would visit New Orleans out of Galveston in the 80s – the locals felt about the town the way many of us longer term residents feel about what’s happened to Austin, but younger more recent visitors still feel the charm. We did, in New Orleans 😊

There’s a line I wrote in the 2011 post I’d forgotten about until I did the update for it. It spoke to us about how Austin seemed to us then, when we could easily walk to Lady Bird Lake and concerts, more easily drive in town, and more easily identify the magic that Austin had been for us ❤️

Yoga is a Night of Light

You can find more of my paintings on Fine Art America here –

And more of my Austin imagery here –

Thanks so much! – Adan 😊

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Austin at Night Gift Idea via Fine Art America 😊

Austin at Night coffee cup @FineArtAmerica ©Felipe Adan Lerma
Austin at Night coffee cup @FineArtAmerica ©Felipe Adan Lerma


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Thanks so much everyone! 😊


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