Life & Love, It’s For the Birds In a Good Way – In Pictures # 14

American Robins Arriving in Vermont medAmerican Robins Arriving in Vermont: The First Swoop of Spring, A Photo Memoir

35 original images.

1,506 story-word commentary.

Plus, two Bonus Bird Material Sections:12 additional images with light commentary.

An inspirational story in nature for people.


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Please note: the “It’s for the Birds in a Good Way” series had been placed in “private” status during a re-do of my site, and are now again posted with updated information.


life and love, it’s for the birds, in a good way 😉 – in pictures

# 14




it’s been said, a picture is worth a thousand words

well, i’m not gonna try that 😉

but here’s a series of pictures, one or two at a time, popping up here and there, now and then, each captioned and capturing a few moments of life and love, for the birds anyways, but in a good way 😉

set on a patch of preserve somewhere on galveston island, along the protective seawall, or anywhere on galveston i’m fortunate enough to spot and place their image in digital memory, we’ll just say we’re all glad this is a place they call home…

sheila and i are in our last week on galveston island

and we feel like we’re cruising, just cruising right now, waiting for our new place to arrive, though, of course, we’ll be the one’s arriving 😉

opportunities, exist, all the time, all around us, but we can’t and aren’t always aware of them…

we think they arrive, and maybe, in some ways, they do –

but if we ourselves aren’t prepared to see them –

even if we’re just cruising…they

will not arrive 😉


Just Cruising
Just Cruising, Original Photography by Adan Lerma


so many people gave us opportunities in our stay in galveston this past year plus –

some i’m sure we missed, but as many as we could, we tried to see them…

the people we met and grew to know, were our moments –

our opportunities, and we thank each one –

on the mainland, and on the island

thank you 😉


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bird picture series

vermont photopoem series

namaste – con dios – god be with you


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