Just Talkin’ – Interview with Scotty le Edler, May 2011

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“the intent of this blog is to incrementally build a body of thought that works toward integrating various topics, yoga, fitness, and the arts – it’s a process…”

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just talkin’ – interview with scotty le edler, may 2011




just talkin’ is yoga-adan’s interview series

interviews are often with everyday people, coping with everyday situations

in talking, i hope to find the uniqueness of each person, believing that uniqueness often translates, via the many ways people are similar, to something we recognize within ourselves


bio, Scotty le Edler :

graduated with a MA from midwestern state university in history

he has taught at numerous colleges in texas, with plans to continue sharing his love of history, mixed with his sense of good humour

in a recent tweet, he wrote:

“Today in 1770, Marie Antoinette, 14, married the future King Louis XVI of France, 15. Needless to say this marriage did not work very well!”


scotty was one of my students in galveston from the beginning

he and his wife melisa came to my wife and i’s class intro talk, they signed right up, and rarely had to miss


1 ) how reluctant were you to start yoga?

Scotty – (frowns) very reluctant…

did not understand yoga, thought that it was more of a female activity

Scotty le Edler
Interview: Scotty le Edler with Yoga-Adan

Just Talkin’ – female in what way? too easy? frilly? unchallenging?

Scotty – only that i didn’t know any men doing yoga then

also was afraid of hurting myself. i have a bad knee, back pains. did not want to further aggravate those injuries

Just Talkin’ – have you aggravated your injuries?

Scotty – no, just sore

Just Talkin’ – sore in a good way?

Scotty – mostly (small laugh)


2 ) now that you practice each week, has that changed your perception of yoga? your perception of what you can do?

Scotty – yoga is a great way of getting your body “in shape” to exercise. definitely not a “female” activity like i previously thought

Just Talkin’ – do you now feel yoga is more a male activity?

Scotty – not by the attendance in class (light laugh) but yoga is definitely a co-ed activity good for anyone; but if i walked into a gym-yoga class with nothing but ladies, i probably wouldn’t stay

i am seeing that i am more flexible and with practice, can do many things that i previously thought i could not do

Just Talkin’ – such as?

Scotty – (1) walking better, my wife and others have mentioned that, even though i really can’t tell any difference (2) also i think because i’m more stretched, i’ve been lifting more weight, i seem to be able to stretch more and lift more


3 ) how important is it that the yoga class you’re taking is embedded with fitness information?

Scotty – the fitness tips are nice to help you continue towards total health. you can never have too much fitness tips as these are things you can do every day

Scotty on Bridge
Scotty on Bridge

Just Talkin’ – can you name one or two fitness tips that you’ve learned you now carry into things you can do every day?

Scotty – (1) stretch when waking now (2) added a recovery snack after any exercise, i really like that (laughs)

Just Taklin’ – i kinda favor those snacks myself (smile)


4 ) moving & held poses –

Just Talkin’ – any favs?

Scotty – i like both, like the sitting twists; and that one where we bend the knee to the side (supine knee twist)


5 ) incorporating elastic bands –

Scotty – love them because it helps you focus your held poses. makes holding them easier

Just Talkin’ – how so?

Scotty – gives me more of a muscle feel

Just Talkin’ – i think using the bands a bit helps you remember the same muscular movement later, without them (bands)

Scotty – yea, i like ’em, melisa and i both got some to use


6 ) dance-like movements –

Scotty – not a huge fan but i am not a dancer. i see how you can incorporate into yoga. i didn’t dance at my wedding, i can’t.

Scotty in Jacket
Scotty in Jacket January 2011

Just Talkin’ – but you still think you can incorporate some sort of dance move into yoga? any particular example come to mind?

Scotty – i can see adding the merengue march to some of the standing poses, i can do that (laughs)


7 ) what kind of exercise did you do in the past?

Scotty – walking, jogging, weight lifting; water sports, fishing, bike riding

Just Talkin’ – have you resumed any of these activities

Scotty – walking, bike riding, and weight lifting, no more skiing, too much risk for me

Just Talkin’ – does walking or biking or weight lifting feel any differently than before, better? harder? same?

Scotty – endurance & stamina in bike riding, it’s better, i can go nine blocks or more further, and back, that’s against the wind too; (more animated) also i can lift 20-40 lbs more!

Just Talkin’ – that feels good i bet

Scotty – yea (smiles)


8 ) how fit were you or did you see yourself as before now?

Scotty – pretty fit, 5’10.5″ , 170-180 lbs

great stamina, endurance

Scotty in Uniform as a Teen
Scotty in Uniform as a Teen

getting up in the morning a lot easier

was proud to take my shirt off at the beach, now embarrassed at weight gain

Just Talkin’ – do you think you’ll ever get back to your prior weight? do you even want to?

Scotty – not really; i lift weights now, and am older (31)

Just Talkin’ – you were proud then, now embarrassed – has that stunted your effort or desire to regain your fitness to the degree that you can

Scotty – i’m not embarrassed to take off my shirt, i know i’m over-weight, but if someone doesn’t like it, it doesn’t bother me


9 ) what kind of injuries and operations have you had, and how have they affected your ability / desire to be or stay fit?

Scotty – right knee, arthoscopic surgery to correct knee “freezing”

double hernia

affected me because i was afraid to work out past my rehab because i did not want to re-injure myself. this caused me to become overweight and out of shape

Just Talkin’ – has yoga provided you an avenue to work out  or regain fitness beyond your fear of re-injury?

Scotty – yes, well, the yoga you do is real gentle, if it’s too much then, like u told us from the beginning, i do what i can, and stop as needed, you’ve seen me stop in class

Just Talkin’ – yes i have (smile) i’m glad you did; readers should know too, after a brief rest and recovery, you resumed at your own pace where the class was at then


10 ) do you see yoga in your future?

Scotty – yes!  i will probably continue yoga for the long term!

Just Talkin’ – (smile) probably?

Scotty – i can’t see the future (laughs) but as long as i am able, i’d be doing something, including yoga


11 ) has doing yoga given you more confidence to do other fitness activities?

Scotty – yes! began riding my bike again and am now able to get down passed 81st st

Scotty on Bike on Galveston Seawall
Scotty on Bike on Galveston Seawall

my goal in four years is to get down to The Spot and back in a single day!! [ several miles ]

Just Talkin’ – (laugh) four years! are you gonna retire in the interim?

Scotty – no (smiling) my wife’s in med school, and i mean we’ll be riding to there in that time

Just Talkin’ – (nodding head) sounds like a plan to me!


12 ) plans on continuing yoga

Scotty – well you’ll be gone to vermont, but melisa’s gotten a bunch of dvds we can do at home, and i’ll see what else comes up or happens for a class, i don’t know right now, most classes are too expensive

Just Talkin’ – they can be, that’s for sure (smile) i don’t see any reason you can’t continue, at least, with missy, with ya’ll’s new dvds

contact me if you have any questions about a pose or routine, if i don’t know the answer, i’ll see i i can point you to some resources; best of wishes scotty, for you and missy

namaste – con dios – god be with you



My Take

scotty, i believe, is a testament to the courage to accept where one is at, remember what one has been or done in the past, and with a belief in one’s self, work toward both the near future and present moment

scotty begins teaching at galveston college this summer, teaching history of course 😉

Last Minute Info:

scotty was part of a history book review, and i am glad to be able to include the following info, provided by scotty, and also available on his facebook pg :


The textbook review is for Pearson Publishers for their new edition of American Stories, by H.W.A. Brands. My review was of the first edition that was already out, to see what was great about the book and what could be done without.

The link to the review is:http://www.pearsonhighered.com/educator/product/American-Stories-A-History-of-The-United-States-Combined-Volume/9780205243617.page

The textbook comes out in July. My review should be on the back cover

Contact Info for Scotty

he can be reached at:


@profscottyedler on twitter

namaste´- con dios – god be with you



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