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partner musicality, poetry from yoga – making our first music video




Article Outline
Special Thanks
The Video Title: Amigos de Oro, y Mas – en una “Pause”
The Link to the Zumba® Dance-Video!
Lessons Learned
  • Enjoy the Process
  • Slow Steady Rehearsals Each Day Produce Results
  • Enjoy the Results
More Photos from the Video
Final Thoughts, Yogic Union, Being at One, while Partnering
  • Personal Stance
  • Intellectual Stance
  • Faith



Sheila & Adan in "Pause" video 1
Sheila & Adan in “Pause” video 1


well, sheila and i had only a few days with only a few spots of time here and there, to create and practice some choreography, but we really wanted to have a video to have fun doing

so despite an even more shortened time frame for hurricane prep, plus the usual logistical challenges in terms of having someone shoot the video for us, and have a place to shoot, we got it done! 😉


Special Thanks

a very very special thanks to linda hartwell, owner and operator of the hartwell house vermont bed & breakfast

without her determination and patience, from fiddling with shooting video on a small but very capable polaroid digital camera, through handling workers hauling weighty lawn furniture into storage, and the arrival of a last minute plumber, and two “very” curious pets, sam & pepe, linda helped us create a space on the deck behind her fine house, then patiently shot the takes we needed


additionally, i must again give thanks to Zumba® for promoting the creation of such varied video expressions from all over the world –

without that encouragement and openness, i doubt we would have got ourselves to climb the video and digital curve necessary to even have done my first dance-music video, “dance & musicality, my poetry from yoga – making my first music video”


The Video Title: Amigos de Oro, y Mas – en una “Pause”

literally, “amigos de oro” means : friends of gold –

and “y mas” means : and more!

culturally, this would actually translate, in english, to “friends with benefits” 😉


uh, the “en una ‘Pause'” part is more sorta like tex-mex 😉

but that’s ok, at least by me

btw, here in vermont, some of the folk starting mexican food restaurants are calling their food ver-mex!

i figure if it’s good enough for us texans, it’s good enough for these good folk here vermont

besides, it tastes good 😉


The Link to the Zumba® Dance-Video!

don’t worry, i’ll post the link again in this post 😉


Lessons Learned

Enjoy the Process

as mentioned above, sheila and i had quite a few obstacles producing our little partner video 😉 not least of which was simply starting so close to the deadline

still, we knew, once we began hashing out the steps, and rehearsing, that we wouldn’t get to do it as well as we’d like, but that we’d do the best we could, and enjoy the process

viewing the final cut, it’s clear to me we were much sharper early on

also, counter to our own preferences, but necessary due to classes and chores, we taped in the afternoon, when we were already tired, and still needed to go for groceries and do more hurricane prep (i am writing this portion on sat night in a text file, having already lost internet connection at home via our cable and internet service on our iphone, even with no rain arriving yet)

but we enjoyed ourselves, and i think that shows all the way to the end –

it was fun 😉


Slow Steady Rehearsals Each Day Produce Results

sheila and i would plan our movements, ad lib, re-do, and do a run through at least a few times each day, and each day we got further and further into the song before we’d either forget what we’d intended (even with it written down!) or decide to alter the moves

it’s a slow but sure way for us to come up with a polished fun final product

so “next time” 😉 we’ll start earlier!


Enjoy the Results

seems self obvious

but i do think many times many of us, including myself (even if less so than when i was younger) may persevere and accomplish whatever it is we’d wanted to do, but then not enjoy not only the doing, but the results

and even though i recall several times years ago, where i had a terrible time doing something, but enjoyed having “finished” a project a great deal, i can’t really enjoy the results as much any more, when i don’t also enjoy the process…

i must be getting old 😉


More Photos from the Video


Sheila & Adan in "Pause" video 2
Sheila & Adan in “Pause” video 2


Sheila & Adan in "Pause" video 3
Sheila & Adan in “Pause” video 3


Sheila & Adan in "Pause" video 4
Sheila & Adan in “Pause” video 4


Sheila & Adan in "Pause" video 5
Sheila & Adan in “Pause” video 5


Sheila & Adan in "Pause" video 6
Sheila & Adan in “Pause” video 6


Sheila & Adan in "Pause" video 7
Sheila & Adan in “Pause” video 7


all images in location at the hartwell house vermont bed & breakfast


please see the video, at :


Final Thoughts

Personal Stance

debate has continued since who knows when, the first cave people? whether (re)union with the divine, or a sense of oneness of oneself and god, or the clarity or quality of that supposed connection, is purer as an individual than while with a partner

i’ve always felt instinctively (as a human being) and intuitively (as an imagined angel 😉 ) that either path would work

it’s often pointed out that one doesn’t need a partner to achieve self-actualization or enlightenment or a sense of oneness with the universe – yea, well, that’s part of my point, either way should work

partner work, be definition, is twice the work, but maybe with more than 1x the return too, time will tell 😉


Intellectual Stance

i could simply say that, in my heart this is true for me (either path will work), and i’d get much digital-applause, but i’m assuming this as true within my heart a priori, that is, it’s a starting premise for me

but that doesn’t prove anything, though we all know the heart is often it’s own sufficient proof 😉

yet, god has given me a brain that likes to try and figure things out…so…

this is what i’ve come up with as an intellectual justification to my heart’s intuition, that either path, alone or with others, will get me back home (oneness with god) :

it’s a question –

if we are all to be one again, how would we be one, without all of us connecting to one or more of the other of us, some how, in some way?


i’ve heard it expressed that we are like drops from the ocean, and will simply meld back into the larger ocean of the universe –

that’s ok, but don’t water droplets also meld into each other? even en route back to the big ocean of life?


taking another tact, if our return to oneness is a more solid meld, maybe like the densest rock or drop of gold or unknown substance ever known or imagined, maybe even some ultimate black hole that subsumes everything into one thing that then compresses itself to burst out again – within that impregnable density of rock or motionless moment of oneness, there is still molecular movement –

hard for me to imagine myself much larger than a micro-nano-mini-molecular, and still individual, light of energy

and if it’s assumed i might have merged with other bits like me to become a solid-non-divisible-oneness, then we’re back to oneness via partnering…



ultimately, the weight of belief within my heart, the ways of believing with my mind, and the way of being with another, gives me faith that, all paths lead to the same good conclusion….

namaste – con dios – god be with you



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