My Day Ahead – Aug 30, 2019

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Today’s druthers of things to do and wanna do are a little easier than usual.

Or I should say, simplified – wife and I got lucky and had the 6 year old overnight.

So the schedule is pretty straightforward –

  • Wake up the 6 year old
  • I’ll make breakfast (cereal with lots of fruit, yogurt and big slices of whole wheat toast) and Sheila gets to get the 6 year old going, dressed and fed a good breakfast. That’s fair, ie, I’ll take that bargain anytime, 😂
  • We get him to school, then wife and I head to the Y to try a Zumba Gold class for first time in a very long time. About a decade ago we were actually certified to teach that class, along with lots of other fun stuff. It’ll probably be more than interesting to see if I make it through the whole class, even if it is paced for seniors. I’m still recovering, much I hate admitting it, from the gallbladder surgery, and my conditioning and my legs (and lungs and who knows what else) are a big part of what’s recovering 🙂
  • In between til about mid-afternoon til we go to get Max at school (actually join him for an hour for his Friday after school chess club) I’ll see what I can get done with..hmm..posters? image files? email? lunch for sure! new blog post? rest? – yes! that one 😊

Time again for that second cup of coffee? Oh, yes!

Very grateful for that, lol! 😊


Interesting to see what “things” pop up as memories each morning —

  • Wife & I got the 6 year old grandson from school and took him to his ninja class then after across hwy like Lamar Blvd to Wheatsville Coop for their recurring Thursday evening $5 dinner special. Luckily Sheila & I chose to split one order. There was a day we’d probably have each eaten two, lol! Not no more! Yeah, that’s how I say “not any more” 😊 I know the difference, but it’s good to just be sometimes….
  • Organized my growing stock of posters into prospective and ready to list.
  • Did preliminary research restocking some images with Amazon, but haven’t gotten to Etsy yet. Oh, and my new eBay listing looks really nice!
  • Most the early morning was spent doing chores to be able to go to SilverSneakers circuit class at Golds Gym, but the class was cancelled cause new floors are being put in. Bummer for the morning but better for later on. But the bummer part still lingered til we picked up the grandson later in the day. Priorities.
  • Early early morning I don’t remember much ‘cept that first cup of coffee, lol! Costa Rican organic, just like this morning — mmmmm 😊

Looks like for now I’m still remembering things backwards, from late in the day back to morning. The pattern continues!


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– My notes re this search :
1) there’s no shortage of folks willing to share their ideas on how to succeed 😊
2) true to what’s being marketing, most of the books’ images are eye catching!
3) good variety of current social media proponents hyping their fav methods
4) lot of titles with lots of reviews, always a good sign for browsing books

Two things –
1 – some of these titles have 100+ 4+ ⭐️ reviews!
2 – many are avail on Kindle and even Kindle Unlimited 😊

Thanks so much everyone!


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