Happy Baby Pose (Ananda Balasana) – Original Yoga Poetry

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happy baby pose (ananda balasana) – original yoga poetry


if the words endure, they do so because they link the links –



the dVersepoets has provided another of their continuing series of prompts, this time on “contrast”

as usual, the poet providing the prompt, this time, victoria c. slotto, provides an interesting essay, with numerous visual and written examples of the use and presentation of contrasts


The Prompt

almost immediately, though the essay from dversepoets mentions art and texture, things i personally relish, an image from a poem i was working on came to mind – “happy baby pose

the contrasts i felt thinking of this image, involved the incredible softness of a baby, their delicate expressions –

and yet the immense strength and growth of bones and muscles happening at the same time, which allows us to first crawl, then walk



the lecture sheila and i attend at the university of vermont recently, actually spoke to the necessity of a child developing its core muscles, to even being able to crawl, much less walk

and here we are, as adults, in fitness and yoga classes, needing to be reminded, made aware of, and recapture, the sense of strength and stability we gained when we first developed those core muscles –

when we were happy babies 😉

namaste´- con dios – god be with you


Happy Baby Pose – Ananda Balasana 

happy baby pose

is a pose of contrasts


in playfulness

legs curled, hands securely clasped

on searching feet


the relaxed back resting

on first mother, earth

the core

felt, and tightened, made aware


for movement when feet and hands


the back to the sky and the heart back

to the earth

it is time to crawl


such a happy baby…

© 2011 adam light creations / adan lerma


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Available on Scribd.

My Author Pages on major outlets for eBooks and Audio.



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  1. What a great take on the prompt. Yes, everything about Yoga looks so gentle and relaxed (same with Tai Chi) but the demands on the core muscles are unrelenting if you let it go for awhile. Enjoyed this.


    1. thanks victoria 😉 very true ’bout core muscles & tai chi (the latter of which i’ve only “touched” and the former which seem to touch everything i do!)

      ironic, today i subbed for a really good though intense fitness class with, as advertised, a gentle yoga cross-train 😉 and the core work really hit home!


    1. thanks natalie, i appreciate it 😉

      your new one, “holiday haiku” has a nice turn in it at the end (in terms of affect), and really like,

      “The living room turns charming,

      Santa stops snoring”

      yea, know that one 😉 thanks again


  2. nice…i often speak with parents of the kids i counsel on the emotional development of child fromt he brain stem to the cognitive…it is interesting to continue to look at other facets as well…unique take…i like…


    1. thanks so much brian!

      sounds like wonderful work you do

      i remember the first (only?) cognitive dev psych class i took (decades ago) and being so shocked at how much basic info we’d never been told about

      much like baby pose, had no idea til a lecture at uvm my wife & i went to this fall, that anyone ever mentioned the need for a strong core to even be able to crawl!

      do fancy 😉 yoga poses, sure we know that, but to even crawl and walk, wow!

      have you ever done any poetry expressing some of your developmental knowledge? that, i think, might be interesting to explore

      best wishes, happy holidays brian 😉


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