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evolution of a pose – original yoga poetry

featured in “Nice Thing ‘Bout Getting Old(er)





if the words endure, they do so because they link the links –


Evolution of a Pose

As a tiny child

(I am told)


liked to lift

my chest


the floor

and peek about

and smile at those around me.


As a quietly raucous teen

(i’ve been reminded)

i’d lift my chest

from the


beach sands

that are galveston

to peer around

at my peers.


As a young man intent

on learning asanas

i’d lift prone from

the mat


the third chakra

i knew must be in there




i was, i was told.

Maybe, with smiling fangs?

i wondered…


In the service

i’d lift my chest

with my breath as

i pressed my finger

on the trigger.

I was a



i thought.


As a dad

i’d lift

my head

as my children

learned to lift their head

then their chest,

core muscles moving


to the crawling mobile stage –

and i recall

(i would tell them)

they’d lift their chest


the floor

and peek about

and smile..at all those around them.


The cobra pose is but

a stage of skin


the playful peeking child

and the grateful mom and dad.

The pose

is the peeking child


Nothing more.  And never nothing less.

© 2011 adam light creations / adan lerma


this week i follow my new yoga poem, evolution of a pose, with a review of a lecture sheila and i attended recently, at the university of vermont, titled it’s a stretch: is connective tissue the link to yoga’s benefits?

this lecture led directly to a merging of my long-standing idea, that some poses with names like “cobra” might be better named closer to their more probable origin, people – with some developmental data presented at that lecture –

from which this poem emerged 😉


longer than most my poems (though not all, like “when it ended” written in ’81) – my goal was to see if i recognized this one pose, from beginning to present, in some form or other, in my daily life

i found the exercise unusually satisfying 😉

namaste´- con dios – god be with you


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did this poem feel like it conveyed an emotion or idea you could relate to?

would you like to see me read this poem on a video on YouTube?

please feel free to leave a comment, thank you 😉



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  1. […] Sheila and I were teaching senior fitness classes, picking up what we’d begun in Galveston, and I was rapidly diving into more of the arts I’d loved for most of my life – so soon, I was also adding poetry back into my life and often combining it into what yoga meant for me. […]

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  2. Thank you to have taken the time for all this description and personal digestion. Last week, my very active father of 73 had to go to work in the North Pole, with such an achy back. As a yoga teacher, I said: “ok, let’s try together”. And I just softly had my hand sliding on his neck , back, ribs, very slowly, while saying,” breathe slowly in my hand”. The expanded breath linked with the visualization that the breath was right there, expanding those tight areas, made in sort (sorry for my French) that my father ended up so refreshed,feeling space inside of him, and with no pain anymore. Sure, the quality of his presence made a lot of the “happening”. Yes I agree, very gentle Yoga, with deep and relaxed concentration on the movement of the breath, can make marvel. Thanks for the inspiration, and hope for you adventurers as it seems -you and your wife-, to discover Continuum movement. I think you’ll be delighted as physically and intellectually. Mylène Roy from Montréal.


    • i could imagine you with your dad as you described it, a great experience for the both of you i’m sure!

      thank you for your good wishes, and thank you for stopping by, sounds like wonderful work you’re doing 😉



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