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“Venus in Transit Across the Sun”


dVersePoets Pub – OpenLinkNight Week 47 –

hosted by Tashtoo


from tashtoo’s prompt :

“Sometimes, the only thing we can do in this rough and tumble world is buckle down and wait out the rough spots.  I’ve had a few lately….”

that’s about all the prompt i needed 😉


Venus in Transit Across the Sun

yesterday and


a spot of shadow

crossed the face of the burning sun

like a child, face to the thick

clear glass of an


housing sharks and electric eels

crossing across such raw power

any day

much less

the same two days

my wife has had her



we told each other


a sign…

crossing the face of god in awe


but making our way

to the other side

© 2012 felipe adan lerma



Adan Lermablessings everyone 😉

namaste´- con dios – god be with you




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    • thanks so much for the follow; appears your site is passionately dedicated to writers and writing of horror films; not my own chosen preference 😉 but good to see you doing well with it; best wishes 😉


  1. I love how you give the convergence of the two events significance here, and love especially your comparisons: “a spot of shadow / crossed the face of the burning sun / like a child, face to the thick / clear glass of an / aquarium.” (sorry to change the shape of the lines for the moment–I do so love the symmetry of the page) Then the face is the face of God, and absent–but totally there in its absence–is the face of your dear wife, who is surely held in the Light of God through this prayer. Wow!


  2. oh hope she’s doing well…not easy..and the way to the other side can be tiring and difficult but sure you will make it… all the best for your wife


    • she is “ok” – surgery itself seems to have gone really well, but since she doesn’t take meds etc, the surgery meds are just now wearing off, so the onset of the pain (total knee replacement) is really shocking her, so today, two baby stutter-steps 😉 nausea etc, but i’m very hopeful, but gonna have to keep a close eye; she’ll be in hosp for a few more days minimum, but we have our youngest girl from texas for another week which really helps out; just have not been able to do much else, gotta get some rest, return tomorrow (youngest with her now); hope to dribble in some readings and comments later this week; ps – only seen the pics myself too, what a sight! thanks so much brian, g’nite 😉


        • she’s doing really well with her mobility, meds messing w/her digestion, but i think we’re getting a handle on it now 😉 slowly 😉

          yea, great help from youngest girl, she goes back to tx tomorrow, but Big help

          though i was counseled, i didn’t realize how much minute to minute, day to day attention this would need, so kinda slowly coming back to doing other stuff, little by little, like my wife’s steps 😉

          thanks brian


        • just thought i’d ask that same question as well and saw your answer to brian already… good to hear that it’s slowly going better…all the best and blessings for the two of you


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