I’m a WHAT Kind of Writer! Romance? – Part 2

2 Shorts, a Poem, & a Sampler (fiction)***

Pictured : “2 Stories, a Poem, & a Sampler (fiction)” and “The Old American Artist, a Love Story.”

An Anthology of two fiction stories and a love poem, from 1981, plus a four chapter sampler from my first new fiction in over thirty years, “The Old American Artist, a Love Story.” – FREE at participating outlets.


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I’m a WHAT Kind of Writer!  Romance? – Part 2


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Romance Writer?  Me?!?! – Part Two


yesterday i wrote an overview of why it turns out that a lot of poetry and fiction from way back to now, might qualify as romance writing

Romance Writers of America a non-profit org, has this definition :

Two basic elements comprise every romance novel: a central love story and an emotionally-satisfying and optimistic ending.

i’m still convinced that a lot of writing is romance, or love-relationship, orientated

My Non-Romance Work

i do have though, pieces that, being snippets, though “emotionally-satisfying” for me 😉 do not end with an “optimistic ending” – mainly because they are a “moment” in experience, and not what i would consider a “story”

a good example is a poem i am posting to dVersePoets, for their OpenLinkNight prompt series

that will get posted late today when their “pub” opens for open poetry submissions

once i have it posted i’ll place a link to that prompt here

and a link to my poem here


so it seems that, for me, having a story in my work, enables me to give a fuller view of what i’m trying to express, and that usually has the ending that qualifies the piece as “romantic”

a good example of a recent poem that i think fits then, is “venus in transit across the sun

the strong sense of connection between my wife and i that i try to express about her recent operation, and our anticipated joined effort for her recovery, for me, fits the definition of a romance

it may be that there are other elements some people may consider for a work to be a romance, but for my purposes, i feel comfortable including many of my poems with my fiction in that category, and am equally ok with simply calling them “romantic” 😉

but more than anything, again for me, my work is simply one person’s representation of life

and that’s something i believe we can all do, we all have stories 😉

“2 Stories, a Poem, & a Sampler (fiction)”

this little ebook, with the exception of my childhood story, “Witches,” all feature work about relationships, all end with i feel is a satisfying and optimistic ending, even my poem “when it ended”

the ending resolution of finding comfort with another is critical to the work, and i believe, universally optimistic

i am trying to get more outlets to feature it as FREE, but the avenues for placing it at no charge is very limited; as of this writing, on smashwords has accepted it for a free listing, though it is available for 99¢ on amazon

all updates on availability are posted on my Books page listing for this title

i hope you get to have a copy and see what seems to me an interesting journey in fiction and poetry from 1981 to now, thanks so much 😉



the first chapter (most are very short) of my new novella, “the old american artist, a love story,” is my targeted post for tomorrow 😉

i hope everyone is gearing up for a great safe fourth of july!

thanks ya’ll 😉

namaste – con dios – god be with you


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