I’m a WHAT Kind of Writer! Romance? – Part 7 Conclusions

The Old American Artist, a Love Story


Pictured, “The Old American Artist, a Love Story

A romance and an artist’s story, how could it not be a love story? 😉

We all love a story that shows how a loving pair, meeting obstacles in life, overcome that challenge, and resolve to love each other.  But what happens during the “lived happily ever after” part?  What are the details, what might the process be, achieving and living that post-crisis life?

This arc, from boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy regains girl, morphs, in this first of three books, in the trilogy Triptych, into that fuller story of life, and love.


“a beginner’s view: the intent of this blog is to incrementally build a body of thought that works toward integrating various topics, yoga, fitness, and the arts – it’s a process…”

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I’m a WHAT Kind of Writer!  Romance? – Part 7 Conclusions


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I’m a WHAT Kind of Writer? Romance? – Part 7  – Yoga, Sports, and Writing


Yoga, Sports, and My Writing

it’s no secret that activity in a sports, and i include yoga within this thought, induces or re-enforces a psychological similarity in the person participating

a fluid sport like ice skating can mirror fluid thoughts and feelings

smash-tooth hockey, well… 😉

though i believe in challenging oneself, whether in sports yoga or writing, i also have an affinity for both recovery and interval training –

ie, there are times to ease up, maybe continuing at a slower or less intense pace –

and there are times for alternating intensities, which, according to various fitness literature, produces more natural life-active results, ie, we go through life having to stop/start, go slow then fast, more so than in a steady state machine like pace –

we are more like the weather, i believe, than a bed of rocks 😉

i especially like most yoga because it allows me to monitor and pace myself more to my own awareness and perception, than to a regimen

all of this is i believe, reflected in both my poetry, my paintings, and my renewed interest in my fiction work

i like to alternate differing feelings moods and locales –

and i like to alternate scenes and times –

the trick, or art really, for me, is, in fiction, tying these varying swings into a narrative flow that entertains and has meaning

but then, that’s what’s happening inside me when following a fitness program too 😉



one of my favorite sites that is very close to how i feel about yoga, and most human activity, is posted daily at mindbodygreen

they have a lot of short pieces which are easy to read, pictures with captions, longer more involved pieces, quotes from people that range from the dalai lama to movie stars –

and yet, their postings consistently say that the guru and answers are within each person

that only each one of us can, in our fitness efforts, and thus i believe, our creative efforts, ultimately, decide how hard to push, how much to let up, how much to experiment, and how much to stay steady

do we then need to read or listen to other ideas? sure, why not, if we want to –

but we decide for ourselves whether to participate in a class, read a book or poem, see a movie, or create in a certain style for a particular reason at a particular time

one of the greatest objections to freedom is, we have to decide what to do 😉 and risk turmoil

it is also, i sincerely, believe, one of freedom’s greatest assets….


U.S. Copyright Office

should you register your copyright with the library of congress?

i am not an attorney, so i am placing this information as part of your own due diligence in how much you might wish to protect your creative works

i’ve just recently, before the epublication of “The Old American Artist, a Love Story” submitted my novella to the U.S. Library of Congress for registration online –

considering what it took my wife and i, back in ’81, to copy, page by page, a hand typed manuscript of several hundred words, to send by certified mail to the same folk, this was easy 😉

of course i’ll rescind or amend that feeling if my registration goes hay-wire or amiss 😉

have your credit card or bank info handy, and use either internet explorer or firefox, the other browsers (of which i tried using) won’t work with the library of congress’ interface quite right yet

$35 a hit can add up, but one can copyright “collections” –

lots of good info is on the library of congress site, plus they have both a toll-free and area-code phone number you can call and talk with a live person, which is what saved me 😉

“Wow!” I said, totally sincere.  “You know everything I’ve done wrong, and where to go on the browser to fix it.”

“I should,” he chuckled, “I do this all day.  Glad to help.”

true dialog, subject to memory adjustments and feeling good about how it came out 😉

best wishes, whichever way you decide to go with your creative works!


Last Thoughts About Using Poetry For My Fiction

a final word about something that came to me earlier today about the usefulness of poetry for someone writing fiction

for myself, of course, it tends to be an extension

but the thing i realized that would be useful, even as just an exercise, is producing short tight focussed poems on varying themes, images, emotions, connections, people, just about anything

today, dVersePoets has a prompt, “poetics: whatever the weather” that stu mcpherson, the host, proposes :

For this week’s prompt write a poem about that uses the weather metaphorically to express an emotion or feeling. Here are some examples…

lots of examples are provided, and poets can respond as they are able and wish –

immediately below, is my small contribution written today,

“The Weather Inside Me”


like to let

my inner weather mirror

what’s happening outside


just to connect

with nature and bigger

things than me


because i grew up in texas

and if you fought the heat

dew points and humidity


would find themselves


to dinosaurs resisting

the glacial slowing

of their time


i hear the news

el nino




in anticipation

i’ll definitely need to cool it….

© 2012 felipe adan lerma

doing these small exercises, on one’s own, or with a group, can hone our skills applied within scenes in a larger fictional piece –

and, most the time 😉 they’re fun


So, Is “The Old American Artist, a Love Story” a Romance?

and finally, the question needs to be asked, or at least need to ask myself the question, is “the old american artist, a love story” a romance?

i sincerely believe, with the new information i’ve learned and shared in this seven part series, that it is

i also believe the second novella “rosetta” in the trilogy, Triptych, is a romance…

now the third book, “the children,” hmmm, i don’t know 😉 yet 😉

i’ll leave with a mention of another site i came across, who also references Romance Writers of America, with info about categories of romances, “A Brief Overview of Popular Romance Sub-Genres,” Suite 101

they begin by saying,

For every romance reader, there is a sub-genre of romance fiction offered to enchant and enthrall. But before deciding on what to read, it is important to know what is available.

from what i can tell, my new fiction probably fits into contemporary romance –

though i wouldn’t doubt there’s also a cross genre element since the artist’s life in the story, as an artist, is equally important 😉

if you get to read my book, please let me know what you thought

i can be reached on twitter, facebook, and at yoga dot adan at gmail dot com

thanks so much for your time and best wishes in your reading adventures 😉


namaste´ – con dios – god by with you

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namaste – con dios – god be with you


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  1. thanks for the encouragement on my story man…funny i used to write just story before this poetry bug bit me…i still like to play with it time and again…on the metaphorical level of the heat or weather and how it controls us…it does work well with how we let circumstances control our lives often and the outer dictate the inner..


  2. Adan, I hear a lot of noise from you TX boys about the weather! Now, if it’s that bad, why don’t you just leave it to lizards and such?! 🙂 As it is, glad to see you’re backmto writing here, and I hear what you’re saying about internal/external weather. I think you got the direction right too; the weather control should come from the inside. Too many people are controlled by it, allowing it to determine moods, often unconsciously. Remaining alert to this is imperative for people for sure.


    • Lol !!! 😉 I did leave the lizards & armadillos ;-). We’ve been in Vermont since June last yr, be near Sheila’s family for a bit, probably til fall. Glad u came by, and gotta tell ya, lot of weather stuff here too ;-). Thanks Charles!

      Sent from my iPhone


  3. Really like the sentiment here- don’t try and fight your feelings….feel them, understand them, otherwise it will be like fighting the heat (which raises temperatures and some of the more unpleasant emotions)- quite a spiritual take on the prompt….v much enjoyed….


    • first, found your comment in my spam folder (got a heads up on another blog this was happening to them), so my sincere apologies for not catching your nice note 😉

      second, grew up in texas, totally understand the analogy re the heat and emotions, totally! 😉

      and lastly, thank you for your thoughts; i agree, not much use fighting one’s emotions (which doesn’t mean giving in to them) but rather making the effort to understand and different, alas, not all the heart’s motives and impulses are pure pure pure 😉

      hope you see and get my reply, will send you a quick email too, thanks stu


  4. ha i like your analogy to fighting the outer heat….dinosaurs fighting the glaciers….yes i agree….texas is good for that too…lived in FL a few years, but got used to it…not having lived there for a few, the heat now is intense…

    enjoying the series as well…may be back in a bit to comment further on it, but pressed for time this AM before church…


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