Processing My Fiction – Non-stop or Stop-Start? : Part 2, Slumming in Paris

Paris Shorts Vol 1Processing My Fiction – Non-stop or Stop-Start? : Part 2, Slumming in Paris 😉

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Processing My Fiction –

Non-stop or Stop-Start? : Part 2, Slumming in Paris


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When to Pause or Stop til Another Day

Part Two of my Slumming in Paris series, wasn’t intended to be a whole lot longer than Part One, a novella.

And it was intended to be more of a fuller length novel.  But it’s surprised me with the depth and range it’s been able to include, at least relative to my other fiction work. 🙂

Createspace recently had a post featuring an interview Ernest Hemingway did with the Paris Review.  I’d read the interview about a month or so before, and was glad to see it again.

The main point, reiterated by Richard Ridley on Createspace, put forward by Hemingway, was if one is going to pick a stopping point, try to have it be where you (the writer) knows what will happen next.  The idea being it’ll be easier smoother and quicker getting back into the work the next day.

I like that idea, and had kinda stumbled onto that being true for me, and was really glad to have it articulated via the Paris Review.  I also am glad it was re-posted sorta, because I had reached a point in time where I had a huge number of important things to take care of, and working on Part Two’s larger span of pages and experiences, took an even huger amount of time from me.

I enjoyed it, of course 😉 but I needed to do stuff like get ready for my 45th high school reunion, finish listing of gift items my wife and I want to have available on Amazon’s marketplace (images and poetry), and begin to take care of a half-dozen audio book projects for both my fiction and poetry to be available by Christmas on Amazon, iTunes, and Audible.

We’re not even talking about getting some exercise, eat, all that!

So I was looking for a place to stop for a few days or week or so, and was finding it hard to do, and didn’t know why.

I sorta thought it was because I was so “into” the work.  That was true, but that’s been true on a day by day basis and I still was able to put it aside for a day or two if needed.  But this time I knew I’d probably need that full week away.

And I did find my spot, but didn’t understand why that spot, until I reread Hemingway’s stopping point method on Createspace.

It came to me that “just knowing” what’s happening next, alone, is not all that’s going on.

If I’m in mid chapter, or even transitioning to a new chapter, and have a good feel for the transition and where the story is going, that’s fine.

But, the longer the break I’ll need before resuming work, the more intense or complex, the next sequence of scenes (vs just the “next” scene”) “I” need the stopping point to be.

I emphasize the me-ness of this, because, honestly, I have no idea what another writer’s best parameters are for moving into and through their fictional narrative.

This is relatively less true for me with short stories, and almost non-existent when creating poetry.

So the question of going non-stop or stop-start, for me, is I can’t just go non-stop on a larger work, including novellas and longer short stories, and “how” I’ll stop-start is as important as accepting I have to stop-start.

It’s like taking the bicycle out on a whole new terrain.  Gotta make adjustments. 😉


Summer’s Last Gasps here in Texas

Summer has dwindled down to the low 90s here in Austin.  With a welcome rain and upper 80s for a few days.  I miss Vermont this time of year, and all summer.  But my wife, and friends we know from Vermont that have moved away, not so much.  They think of this time of year the way I do March and April here in Texas.  The yuk weather’s coming!  But now, hopefully, it’s getting to be our turn here in Austin, for weather we can go out in, comfortably. 🙂

Best wishes everyone!



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