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Sheila’s Cane, After Surgery


dVerse Poets Pub : Open Link Night, Week 52

hosted by Tashtoo


dVersePoets is finishing up a year of poets getting together and sharing their work in a supportive environment, thanks to co-founds brian miller and claudia schoenfeld

tonight, tashtoo is guest hosting, saying,

“We are community! Comment and share, read and read again. This is what OpenLinkNight is all about.”

and next monday kicks off a full week of one year celebrations!

i’ve had the pleasure of the opportunity of sharing some of my work, and am pleased to contribute to this week’s open link night prompt, i hope you enjoy 😉


Sheila’s Cane, After Surgery

some things

like ice crystals in winter

and sweat droplets

in summer



it turns out that

sheila’s cane is also

a naturally occurring object


i spot and come across

sitting down by my laptop


the cane hung perfectly on the

spacings of her chair

beside my bed, on

a small rack for

knick knacks


clothes still needing drying –

between the

cushions of our small sofa aka

love seat

and even in

the kitchen, handle

curved to slide between

slats of the small pantry i built

when we first moved to vermont


beverage-station nut can stuffed can’t

do without

got-on-sale at K-Mart

pine unit


officially the kitchen cane



could be worse

i realize

my belt loops could prove

awfully handy

for a cane

in need

but judging by the daily-increasing



of her foot and cane speed

room to room down the hall around the

corners negotiations

i’ll play it safe and just call it for what it is –

sheila’s (and mine) candy cane

© 2012 felipe adan lerma


Adan Lermablessings everyone 😉

namaste´- con dios – god be with you




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    • ps – tried to post to your “summer memories” twice, but not sure it is showing, but felt you captured the appearing and re-appearing of our summer memories in our lives really nicely 😉

      esp like,

      “That time is like white sandbar in Pacific Ocean,
      which appears and disappears in the sea foam” –

      very nice, thank you heaven 😉


  1. ha smiles…i am glad…this means she is getting up and around…and that makes me smile for the both of you…i wish her continued progress as well…be glad its not hung on your belt loop…smiles.


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