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Walking in Paris


dVerse Poets Pub : A French Twist For Quatorze Juillet

hosted by K, aka ManicDDaily, also a/k/a Karin Gustafson 😉


from and of the french is all around us!

today’s prompt celebrates exploring what french is for us in our own lives on today, Bastille Day

as ms K puts it,

“the three watchwords of the French revolutionaries celebrated today–Liberté, Fraternité and Egalité (Freedom, Brotherhood/Sisterhood, and Equality).  These are also, to some degree, watchwords here at dVerse….”

this is a fun prompt, with lots of examples of things french, especially poetry, including the sound of french in poetry –

and having visited paris once, just over a decade ago, it nice to feel the memories still move…

i hope you enjoy this small poem, oui? 😉


Walking in Paris


lady, a native

parisian (was obvious)

smiled, amused, i was pointing

taking photos of planters in windows

so much everyday for her


so many flowers


eagerness for color

and light

for us



lights on the streets

in the shops and along the

branches of trees lining the walks


the planters, flowers for


shinings at night


same city


in scents of caresses

heartbeats, touched with new love

© 2012 felipe adan lerma


Adan Lermablessings everyone 😉

namaste´- con dios – god be with you




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  1. You’ve been to Paris, you’re so lucky! I enjoyed the irony you depict of taking picture of flowers,mthat everyday reality so humdrum for the inhabitant, so enchanting for the outsider.


  2. The windows in Paris, for me, told stories. When I lived there (long ago) you could fill in a lot about the lives of the persons in the little flats…laundry, sheets airing out the windows…and you could look in a catch a glimpse of their everyday. This was in the 19eme arrondissement, not the Paris of tourists. Fun jouney, Filipe.


  3. this reminded me a bit of sydney.. i was there for just a month and my way to work took me across harbour bridge…first time i was glued to the window, speechless, breathless and after a few days it became everyday…just like for the woman who lives in paris.. nice texture to this felipe.. def. need to go back to paris again


  4. Lovely poem and shape! I especially like this line: “so much everyday for her”. Things can be either new or boring to each of us… Seeing things with new eyes is a good experiment. I guess it was for this lady at least!


    • thanks so much for stopping by 😉 it seems that “sometimes” just doing a poem on something gives me “new eyes” –

      always, as you say (and i agree) “a good experiment” 😉


  5. smiles….love the visuals…and the woman who lives there for whom it has become familiar but to you it is magic…the scents of caresses…cool turn of phrase there….really nice closure on this sir….


    • thank you brian, had to struggle to stay awake to get that ending, turned it over and over til it finally felt right 😉 no quick brain-blast on this one 😉


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