dVerse Poets Pub : Open Link Night, Week 55, “Volleyball Dink” – Happy 2012 Olympics!

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Volleyball Dink


dVerse Poets Pub : Open Link Night, Week 55

hosted by Hedgewitch (joy ann jones)

who “did have to wash the adjective confetti out of the beer steins” from the last open link night 😉 so you can tell, it gets fairly festive around there 😉

she offers some interesting information on, (she guesses) her fourth or fifth reading of “lord of the rings” – i found it very interesting!

and ends with this take from her readings,

“In the end, that’s why we’re drawn to write, I think, to chronicle, in our own ways, the adventures and tales of our lives and worlds that matter, so they won’t be forgotten, and like the characters in them, it really isn’t something we choose–it’s just the job we know we must do, and we can’t turn back if we want to do it right.”

the selection of readings from participating poets is always interesting, and one doesn’t need to have submitted to enjoy and/or comment on the works offered on each poet’s site

hope you get a chance to check it out


meanwhile, i offer a rare rhyming poem from the mid 90s, part of a collection of seven volleyball poems in my ebook “101 sports poems

just saw a great duo team match last night with my wife as the olympics in london slosh on (as per the media)

made us both feel so good, i had to post something fun 😉

i hope you enjoy!


Volleyball Dink

Twas the last play

of the game when all

the players’ feet were

tired and lame.

The ball rose over the net

 high and free letting

everyone get set.

One last kill was all

that was needed but

the coach’s last words

the other team should’ve heeded:

“Support the weak link.

Watch the diggers.

Watch the setters

and watch for the dink.”

© 1995 – 2012 felipe adan lerma


Adan Lermablessings everyone 😉

namaste´- con dios – god be with you




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  1. happy friday man…how is that wife of yours getting around? continuously better i hope…and i hope the new novel is coming along as well…have a wonderful weekend man…


    • she’s doing real well, still isn’t released to teach classes with me, but is getting around and starting to make some of her yum yum meals for us 😉

      she keeps asking me what part of the country you’re at, Kentucky? home of raylan on tv? 😉

      new novel (2nd in series) 1st draft written, and into last 1/3rd on 1st read-through/editing etc; aiming for mid august or so to release

      how you’re doing well young man 😉


    • it is a fun poem huh? i was searching for something fun to go with the olympics for open link night, and i saw this from 17 years ago and thought, yes! 😉

      thanks so much gay, glad it made you smile as well 😉


  2. “Support the weak link.

    Watch the diggers.

    Watch the setters

    and watch for the dink.”…. this could be much more than a volleyball lesson.. always good to support the weak link in life as well… well written sir…


  3. smiles…nice…esp considering i have been watching the beach volleyball at the olympics this week…the team stuff is way fast and furious…the doubles def offers finesse as well…saw a couple dinks get by…


  4. Volleyball is always fun to watch, and while I’m not enough of a sports fan to know the lingo, your poem captures the sense of enjoyment at pure human achievement that a well-played sport brings to the viewer. Thanks for linking with us tonight.


    • thanks joy 😉 yea, it can be a lot of fun, even though i haven’t played in decades, love watching it; have a granddaughter i wouldn’t be surprised gets a scholarship one day with her play, always getting awards; glad you enjoyed it!


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