Author Rank, New Feature on Amazon, Why I Like It

Old American Artist Cover
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Pictured Left, “The Old American Artist, a Love Story” – First of Series

A romance and an artist’s story, how could it not be a love story? 😉

Priced FREE at participating outlets.  Please see link above.

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Pictured Right, Second in series, “Rosetta” now available!

The Children
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Pictured on Left, “The Children” –

Available Mid-October


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the arts – it’s a process…”

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Author Rank, New Feature on Amazon, Why I Like It


Pros and Cons

i haven’t read anything yet from any authors or bloggers or readers, from anybody, yet about the reaction or response or sentiment about amazon creating this new feature, author rank

here’s a google search that does include some commentary on this feature, but again, i haven’t had a chance to read any yet (will soon!)

i mention this because, not that i don’t believe in my current opinion that “author rank” is a good thing strongly enough, but that it’s so new, and this is just my immediate first gut reaction

i need to be able to be flexible about our ideas of things that aren’t super crucial to our quality of life 😉

so, for now, here goes


* could create undue competitive pressure, when the creative work is, i believe, within ourselves

* could stigmatize authors who have a lot more at stake (ranking or recognition-wise) than i do at this time

* could affect authors negotiating deals for hard copy printing, movies, tv, etc

* tilts total ranking toward authors with lots of titles and more sales scattered through-out time

* rewards quantity and sales over quality and patience (read “slower paced writers”)


* gives an overall perspective

* lets an author see their efforts’ results in sales relative to other authors on amazon

* doesn’t include freebies

* doesn’t include international sales, ie, i like that the rankings are for the country or area i reside and buy things in

* includes sales across all genres and times

* breaks down rankings as per categories


Why I Tilt Toward “Like”

quite frankly, the main reason i like this feature is simply that it gave me a good feeling to see that i had what i considered a reasonable ranking –

what that means is, i wasn’t at a number that i know some of my books are at in terms of sales rankings 😉

being at #2,323 in contemporary romance fiction is, well, not bad

and yes, the day before i was at just under 6,000 in ranking

plus, granted, that’s still a monthly amount equal to buying a good cup of coffee, the lunch special, and maybe a sweet treat side –

but, that’s ok, for now 😉


My Ranking as of October 9, 2012

Amazon Author Ranking 101012 in Contemporary Fiction
Amazon Author Ranking 101012 in Contemporary Fiction


A Love Story Series

Listings : The Old American Artist, a Love Story

Listings : Rosetta

Listings : The Children


Adan Lermablessings everyone 😉

namaste´- con dios – god be with you




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  1. that is pretty cool….i can def see where it could create some competitiveness….but also give the author a little perk as well to see himself move up in the rankings…as long as you dont tie too close to it…because you will go down as well…

    did not mean to sound so ominous there….ha….hope you are well and the prep for the move is going good…


    • very true brian, lots of pros and cons, and “shouldn’t” be a writer’s end all, lots more to why i write anyways 😉

      move is moving along! been very cold (for us) here, and we’ve had no real heat yet, pretty miserable, not something i’d want to repeat in experience again 😉 we leave in just over two weeks!


  2. Hi Adan – Nice observations on the Author Rank. I would love to know what Amazon’s business case for this is, i.e., is it in response to something one of their competitors is doing/will do, or has this feature always been on their docket and they just got around to it?

    Also–tangentially related–if Amazon wants to support indies, I wish they’d implement something similar to what Wattpad does: a whole category (Undiscovered Gems) specifically NOT based on sales or popularity. Amazon’s metrics and lists like Author Rank put too much emphasis on sales, money, and who has the biggest marketing campaign. It wouldn’t take much in the way of programming resources to cross-reference a low Author or Book rank with a high rating to create its own Undiscovered Gems list.


    • wow, i hadn’t even thought of how a special ranking for us “undiscovered” guys (and gals) might be created, nice idea 😉

      re amazon’s “why” it seems only reasonable its in some overall balance of interest for them & writers

      i know that for myself for instance, some of my work’s sales rank is maybe just beyond pluto 🙂

      but other of my stuff (i have poetry, fiction, and images) does well within its niche

      so an overall total sales ranking, tiered down from overall through the various categories, for my total sales in that category, is attractive to me –

      which is why i tilt toward liking the addition of an author rank to individual title rank

      beyond that though, many pros & cons – of course 😉

      thanks matthew, glad you came by

      Sent from my iPhone



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