Header # 14 – Birds in a Tree, Winter Austin (Photography, PhotoPoem)

PhotoPoems Book One, Seven VolumesHeader # 14 – Birds in a Tree, Winter Austin

Image & Commentary.


Pictured left, “PhotoPoems, Book One

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Header # 14 – Birds in a Tree, Winter Austin

Photography Header


Birds in Winter Tree Photography © Felipe Adan Lerma
Birds in Winter Tree
Photography © Felipe Adan Lerma

[ image added 032514 ]


typically, when i post about a new header, i also post the original image

this time, because i plan to use the full image in a photopoem, i’ll skip that til then

also, yes 😉 i did have another header recently, that i didn’t do a header post on, my happy new year from austin 2013 header, but it was a quick momentary upload just to have something for new years and arriving in austin

close to where we’re staying in austin, near the area of barton springs rd and south first, tons of birds hang out, on the wires, around the temporary food courts serviced by food trucks (something austin has done really well developing i think), and of course in trees

this shot is almost on riverside drive, between the long center for the performing arts, and lady bird (town) lake

but one can spot these critters flitting around almost everywhere people hand out and might drop food 😉

we’re still very much struggling, recovering from i guess, a very bad bug strain that our tired systems coping with the onslaught of forgotten allergies finally succumbed to –

so stay healthy everyone,  i wish us all the best!



Preview of American Robins Arriving in Vermont

(ebook includes images of birds in Vermont, Austin, and Galveston)


Adan Lermablessings everyone 😉

namaste´- con dios – god be with you




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  1. very cool header and glad you’re feeling better as well..think the lots of traveling and moving wears the body out as well…hope you’re finding balance again soon


  2. good morning….smiles….a bird photo in hand is better than 3 in a ….tree….smiles…lots of birds out in the tree today…glad you are feeling better…ack…we went through the flu bug a few weeks back…not a lot of fun…


    • no, no fun at all 😉 i really still thought it was just a bad cold/allergy thing til i went to the dr, no we had the flu symptoms but with the flu shots we got lucky; hope ya’ll are doing better also

      now we can start unpacking several rooms of boxes that finally got here from vt, amazing what we found we hadn’t missed, plus those few things we’re so glad to come across again 😉


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