Austin Texas : PhotoPoem # 3 : “Distant Goals”

Bird in a Budding Tree
Bird in a Budding Tree – Photography © Felipe Adan Lerma

Austin Texas PhotoPoems Series, #3 :

“Distant Goals”

Photopoem and Commentary.


“the intent of this blog is to incrementally build a body of thought that works toward integrating various topics, yoga, fitness, and the arts – it’s a process…” ***

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Austin Texas : PhotoPoem # 3 :

“Distant Goals”


Bird in a Budding Tree
Bird in a Budding Tree – Photography © Felipe Adan Lerma


“Distant Goals”

i spied the tiny bird high atop a twig branch pregnant with april buds in february

second hand

my wife had to finger-point it to me several times

before I differentiated it from the same-brown colors of left-over leaves from fall

though, i need to add, i could hear its insistent chirp-call, like a favorite song on a jukebox

played too loud

for the speakers, or listeners

i guess, seeing the plump brown buds all around itself, it too, like me, sensed that spring and leaves, and other birds, would soon be thick among fresh light green leaves with textures so fragile a wind might tear them

at least now i know why I sometimes sound like the speakers inside my head are


too loud

the once distant goal of a new spring in my life

is very near

© 2013 felipe adan lerma


linked to dVersePoets OpenLinkNight Week 82 –

hosted by grace, aka heaven, hosting, as she says in her prompt, “for today’s sharing of our words, whether in final ‘perfect’ form or a work-in-progress…”


Getting Back to Healthy – Yes, It’s a Process 😉

speaking of work in progress, last posting, i said this below :

going from teaching 2 to 5 fitness classes per week, through to the end of oct last year, then traveling to stowe, paris, houston, and back here in austin, even with doing daily walks, and intermittent chair based exercise sets, plus getting sick! has left sheila and myself at a point where, resuming a more daily chair based routine, and including weights, elastic bands, etc, has been a reminder how much the body needs to be worked to stay in fluid enjoyable order 😉

my next post, barring the usual unknowns, is to do a fitness review –

as much for sheila and myself as anyone interested 😉

stay healthy and happy everyone!


well, i haven’t given up, and am taking my time with it, as it is an important post for, with pics showing how i had deteriorated due to illness and lack of physical activity i had been used to for, well, decades

the good news, as i have said in classes for ages, ie, the few years i’ve taught classes 😉 , the path back to fitness, once one has regained or stayed fit, is much much quicker than the initial work

memory, both body and mental memory play huge parts in that, but i think, when those body and mental memories are keyed, the emotional memories of being more fit, doing movement that is enjoyable and healthy, is even more powerful

so, hopefully, again, soon 😉 i’ll have my new fitness post, my first in a very long time

this time with the extra layer of experience of falling out of fitness, ever so slowly , over several months, and (beginning) to come back

stay well everyone, take care!



New Website Name : Felipe Adan Lerma

oh, though i’m not ready yet (time constraints and other commitments) i’ll do a post relatively soon on my site’s url name change to my full name

all links from yoga-adan will still work (or should!)

so more on this in time also 😉



Preview, Austin based short story : “Dirty Sixth Street, Austin” – a light crime mystery.


Adan Lermablessings everyone 😉

namaste´- con dios – god be with you




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    • i feel the same way, though seems like i needed an extra reminder this time around 😉 not sure if just the illness, or shock of coming back to texas (good & so-so) but glad for that little bird waiting on spring to remind me 😉 thanks brian


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