Paris : PhotoPoem # 5 : “The Tuileries” With Photo-Essay

Slumming in Paris Part Five medParis PhotoPoems Series, #5 “The Tuileries with Photo-Essay”

Pictured Left : New – Slumming in Paris Part Five – With the Children, Lights on the Champs-Elysees

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Paris : PhotoPoem # 5 : “The Tuileries”

A Stretch of Stretches of Woods

With Photo-Essay



Backlit Area Near Louvre
Backlit Area Near Louvre © Felipe Adan Lerma


(links, plus a photo-essay style of more pictures are below the poem)


“The Woods Within Paris”


like renior

monet degas manet

gathered memories

and fashioned manners of living

still breathing




families from block houses

condos apartments and suites


blends of light in the beauty of palaces

too grand for only the

few –

palaces set with fountains

for birds and children playing among


flowers and trees gracing

paris’ soil


in the distance

the eiffel tower rises dimly

at day, brightly at night

while nearby

children and pets

run among fleeing

pigeons who know

they can return

as nature always returns

once the people finally rest

having allowed our nature to smile

among the rich woods rooted deep in our hearts

 2012 felipe adan lerma


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the following is a short photo-essay of images i took recently when my wife and i visited the tuileries en route to the l’orangerie 😉


Standing Statue Near the Palace in the Tuileries
Standing Statue Near the Palace in the Tuileries © Felipe Adan Lerma


Eiffel Tower in Distance
Eiffel Tower in Distance © Felipe Adan Lerma


Running Statues at Tuileries with Bird on Head
Running Statues at Tuileries with Bird on Head © Felipe Adan Lerma


Midway, to le Carrousel
Midway, to le Carrousel, Paris © Felipe Adan Lerma


Sheila with Birds, Touleries, Paris
Sheila with Birds, Touleries, Paris © Felipe Adan Lerma


Between the Late Autumn Trees
Between the Late Autumn Trees © Felipe Adan Lerma


Please note: I’ve left the links’ urls below the clickable links in case they quit working 😉


The Tuileries

Tuileries Palace –

interesting history of a palace that was once part of the Tuileries gardens, and might be re-built


Tuileries Garden –

nice history of the garden itself


Google Images of Tuileries Garden –

huge variety of types of images, photos, sketches, photos, etc



Paintings of the Tuileries by Famous Artists –

i’d recommend going well into the pages past page one, as this is a deep well of info of paintings of the gardens by well known artists,mod=6&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8


eBook Preview :


Final Thoughts

the tuileries here in paris, based on what’s i’ve read in the links above, and the feel of the gardens and expanse and contrast of massive buildings and open nature, is one of a thankfulness for what is possible, for peaceful co-existence

though it’s also obvious, from the history here, this is an on-going process

not without a price, and not without an effort

ironically though, that effort and price is of one toward peace, not continual conflict

which (peace) may be the biggest challenge of living within of all

after all, what’s the stereotypical funny family movie about thanksgiving usually about 😉


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Adan Lermablessings everyone 😉

namaste´- con dios – god be with you




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    • you’ll have to come visit us before we go

      we’d tossed around the idea of taking a train trip to barcelona, but really, it’s enough being here

      we got some rare sunshine this afternoon and were by st severin’s, so we headed to notre dame and saw it in sunlight for the first time since we got here, then it got windy and colder, but it was worth it 😉


  1. smiles…beautiful verse man….the woods within our hearts….i love green spaces within cities…we need that life…man can not live by concrete alone you know….smiles….loving paris through your eyes man…and pining all the more…


    • i feel the same way, even before paris! we really do need those spaces, in our hearts and in our cities; so glad you’re enjoying the paris series, it’s something i wouldn’t have thought i’d be able to do when first thinking of coming here 😉 have a great thanksgiving brian, and a great christmas month! why not 😉


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