Aging Gracefully into Mother’s Day – Original Poetry by Felipe Adan Lerma

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Aging Gracefully into Mother’s Day – Original Poetry by Felipe Adan Lerma

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Short original poems for mom, dad, brothers & sisters, and many others in an extended family.


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Aging Gracefully into Mother’s Day

Original Poetry by Felipe Adan Lerma


Category : Family Poems


Aging Gracefully into Mother’s Day

Seems each year
My remembrance of
My memory of the coming
Of the next Mother’s Day
Just a little sooner than before.

The second roller coaster turn
and dip
Just beyond the next rise.

I take the reminder
A bit more mindfully

Which lets the few grey hair I have
Lay a little less wind-blown
As I lay awake through another
Listening to the turning of the wheels
On the steely tracks grind toward
The next big moment

I’m close enough for the ride to end
To begin to know what she, my Mom
must feel
Waiting seeing hearing the wheels whirrrr
the final loops.

© 2013 Felipe Adan Lerma


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Formatting & Subject Matter

it’s funny sometimes how what’s available determines what one does

i wanted to create a mother’s day poem, feeling the urge, partly i think because i’m seeing all kinds of mother’s day articles all a sudden, seeing a surge in interest in my past mother’s day poems on my site, and going to see my own mom hopefully this coming weekend

and, i was using an app that wouldn’t let me center align, and insisted on capital letters at the beginning of each line unless i manually removed them (which i did for a few lines to enhance the tonal meaning i wanted)

and i end up with the above

its own thing 😉


More Mother’s Day Poems

with our youngest girl now a new mom, an older mom poem i’d like to post, and something for my wife too, there should be a few more mother’s day offering in the near future 😉



linked to dVersePoets OpenLinkNight, # 87

hosted by : claudia

she talks about her most recent travel, this time to berlin, and the feeling of seeing a once divided city together, and all the things she finds being able to freely visit there

she says:

“By the end of the day, I didn’t feel my feet anymore but every single pore in me screamed happiness. And why?

Because I saw beyond my own borders, my view got stretched and I experienced things I never experienced before…”

my own new series where i go back to my recent extended stay in paris fits into this

and my poem above, “aging gracefully into mother’s day,” within travels of another kind, to a holiday, this time mother’s day, brings out some of those same new “things i never experienced before…”

for my mom & i , it’s the connecting of the experience of aging more fully, and hopefully more gracefully, into our years 😉


namaste´- con dios – god be with you


Adan at Thompson Park Bridge Vermont



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    • glad you noticed that about the line breaks 😉 they do change, or are changed, by the alignment, each style (center/left/etc) demanding its own recognition, but i like fooling around with the differing ones, seeing what happens 😉 so i’m really glad you like the effort, thanks so much brian


  1. mmm…i feel you a bit…still have one grandmother…she is in her mid 90s…she fell again this weekend and had to go to the hospital…and in that i see a bit of my own parents mortality too….knowing we are ever moving forward on that track….and the ride does seem to go faster the further along we go for sure…smiles.


    • oh man, those falls! i hope she will be ok

      and yeah, i remember realizing my parents were aging, tiring, one day, and wow, it hit..we’re on the same ride! 😉

      prayers and thoughts for your grandma brian 😉


  2. Listening to the turning of the wheels
    On the steely tracks grind toward
    The next big moment… sometimes it frightens me a bit of how this wheel turns and turns.. at basle münster there’s a fortune wheel above the side entrance, symbolizing exactly this… great seeing you in the pub…pass on my greetings to sheila and have a great time, visiting your mom…smiles


    • i love that you saw something so similar so far away, we’re so much more connected than some people realize (i didn’t, for a long time)

      thanks claudia, i’ll tell sheila; and yes, looking fwd to seeing my mom again, 86 this april 😉



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