Updated, Series Complete : Slumming in Paris, With the Children – Parts 2 – 8 : Chapter Titles

Slumming in Paris Part Eight v2 medUpdated, Series Complete :

Slumming in Paris, With the Children –  Parts 2 – 8 : Chapter Titles

An overview of the Chapter Title content in the sub-series, “With the Children” inside the series, “Slumming in Paris.”


Pictured Left : “Slumming in Paris Part 8, With the Children – Ben Franklin, a Manifestation, and Love

26,081 story words.

Approx 104 story pages

21 Original Paris photo images.


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Updated, Series Complete :

Slumming in Paris, With the Children –  Parts 2 – 8


Chapter Titles


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New Images

Starting with Part 8, I’ve begun to add original Paris images I took late 2012.

Though they aren’t the story itself, they do illustrate the settings, and, I believe, some of the magical ambience of Paris.

Once the other novellas have images included, I’ll do a final update.

It’s quite a process, picking and preparing the images, then re-formatting the file, so I anticipate it’ll be into the new year before all are done.  The listing of images among the chapter in Part 8 below give a good view of how they will evolve.


New Chapters

Only a few titles were changed from the original listing in the previous post.  Several new chapter titles have been added, when it seemed the narrative would benefit from breaking down an existing chapter.

No chapter titles were added to “Part One, Arthur and Gricinda.”  While Parts 2-8 were written with having chapter titles in mind, Part One wasn’t.  And in the writing of the works, I was surprised, how much having that in mind affected the breaks within the flow.


Chapter Titles in the Paris “With the Children” Series

Inclusive in the “Slumming in Paris” Series.
“With the Children” encompasses Parts 2 – 8 of Slumming in Paris.


Available at major online outlets.


Chapter Titles

Slumming in Paris Part Two, With the Children – Welcome to Paris

The Children Arrive in Paris

First Family Outing

First Meal

Return to the Apartments

Balconies and Showers

To the Bastille

Texas Bar-B-Q

Settling in for the Evening

South, on Blvd St-Michel

To Luxembourg Gardens

Inside Luxembourg Gardens

Fast Food Stop

The Monoprix

After the Nap

Lunch in the Apartment

First Trip to the Laverie

At the Laverie

End of a Long Day

To Notre Dame

Inside Notre Dame

Small Streets and Roman War Horses

Home, to the Apartments

Out on the Balconies

French TV

Back to the Bastille, the Promenade Plantee

Round the Bastille

War Talk at the Fast Food


Slumming in Paris Part Three, With the Children – Boys & Girls in Paris

Bus to St. Germain de Pres

Saint Germain de Pres

Saint Sulpice

To the Art Store

In the Art Store

Intersections to the Cluny

At the Cluny Museum

Home, Showers TV & Bed

To the Post Office

At the Post Office

Buzz & Zilker at the Chocolate Store

Tiny Streets & Morris Columns

Boys and Girls

Calling Home

New Scarves

Balcony Views

The Boys do the Laverie

Pictures at Jean de Beauvais

Rainy Walk from the Laverie

Quiet Afternoon

Inquiries & Preparations

Late Night French TV

Arrival of Grandpa, Grandma, and Anna

A Crowded Bedtime, Rosetta

A Crowded Bedtime, Adult Powwow

Finally, All the Kids to Bed – The Boys

Finally, All the Kids to Bed – The Girls


Slumming in Paris Part Four, With the Children – Groceries & Gare l’Est

To the Carrefour

Inside the Carrefour

A Winter Morning Walk Home

To the Visitors Center, a Bus

To the Visitors Center, Detour

To the Visitors Center, A Manifestation

The Visitors Center


To Gare de l’Est, Notre Dame and Hotel Dieu

To Gare de l’Est, la Tour Saint-Jacques

To Gare de l’Est, Lunch

To Gare de l’Est, a Different Neighborhood

To Gare de l’Est, the Salon

To Gare de l’Est, Gifts at the Salon

Gare de l’Est

Return from Gare de l’Est

A Cold Morning

Prep for a Long Cold Outing


Slumming in Paris Part Five, With the Children – Lights on the Champs-Elysees

To the Eiffel Tower

At the Eiffel Tower

Atop the Eiffel Tower

To the Arch of Triomphe

The Champs-Elysees

Photos, on the Champs-Elysees

The Christmas Market

At the Ice Rink

On the Ice Rink

Food Court

Buzz Has a Vision

Buzz Recovers

Waiting for the Bus

A Doctor Visits Buzz


Slumming in Paris Part Six, With the Children – Movie Museum & Breakfast

Anna’s Mother Arrives

To the Movies, and Back

About that Movie


To the Museums

In the Musee de l’Orangerie

To the Musee d’Orsay

Musee d’Orsay, the Cafe

Musee d’Orsay, Impressionism

Seeing French Children

Meeting the French Children

More Art

Nude Paintings

The Other Giant Clock

Back to the First Floor

The Gates of Hell

Nude Sculptures

Statues of War

Statue of Liberty

Leaving the Museum

Miso Soup

Why these Statues?

Contemplating Plans

Preparing for a Big Breakfast

Breakfast in America, in France

Statues for Breakfast


Slumming in Paris Part Seven, With the Children – The New Hotel

Last Laundry, Six Cousins

The Poet, Mihail Eminescu

One Last Long Walk on Blvd Saint-Germain

Art at the Art Store

Danton’s Statue

Christmas Market at St Germain de Pres

St Germain de Pres

Rue Jacob, Rue de Seine, & Rue St-Andres des Arts

At Place Saint-Michel

In Place Saint-Michel

To the New Hotel

Arrival at the New Hotel

Their New “Room”

Not in Kansas Anymore

First Day in the New Hotel

Simone and Buzz Talk

Eiffel Tower Bedtime

Struggle to Bed

Rocky Horror Bedtime

Waking, New Morning in the New Hotel

First Outing from New Hotel

Tiny Cafe with Brownies

Quiet Evening in the Hotel

Four Bridges and a Ring

Fort Paris


Slumming in Paris Part Eight, With the Children – The New Hotel

Image One – Notre Dame with Clouds

Visit the Old Neighborhood

Man with a Puppy

The Boys Talk

Image Two – View Down the Seine, Paris

Girls Return

Back, at la Latin

Image Three – Warm Inside

Back to the New Hotel

Image Four – Fresh Fish

Bus to the New Hotel

Image Five – Odeon

Image Six – Christmas Creature

Evening Conversations at the New Hotel

Excursion in the Rain

Image Seven – Montparnasse, View down Rue Bonaparte

America’s Paris Plaque

Image Eight – Plaque for America’s Independence

Michelle and Bella Visit the Hotel

To Pont de l’Archeveche by Notre Dame

Image Nine – Bridge to Notre Dame

News of a Manifestation

To the Manifestation

Image Ten – Manifestation Coming

The Manifestation

Image Eleven – Manifestation Going


Image Twelve – Fountain St-Michel at Place St-Michel


To a Clearing

Image Thirteen – A Clear Walk

Next Morning



Bella and Michelle

Cherise Gets a Wish

Image Fourteen – Impressionist Eiffel

Night Tour of Paris on Bus

Image Fifteen – Arc de Triomphe

Image Sixteen – Crosswalk

Image Seventeen – Champs-Elysees to the Ferris Wheel

Image Eighteen – Gridlock

Image Nineteen – Quiet Neighborhood Corner

Good-bye Paris

Epilog, From the Author

Image Twenty – Strolling the Streets of Paris

About the Images

Image Twenty-One – Notre Dame, Near Square Jean XXIII


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