First Impression of My First 15 (of 56) Titles on Scribd – Discoverability

101 Sports Poems - Original PoetryFirst Impression of My First 15 (of 56) Titles on Scribd – Discoverability


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“101 Sports Poems”

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“the intent of this blog is to incrementally build a body of thought that works toward integrating various topics, yoga, fitness, and the arts – it’s a process…”



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First Impression of My First 15 (of 56) Titles on Scribd –



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My Scribd titles :

46 (of 56) books shipped by Smashwords to Scribd have been uploaded and are being made available to subscribers, with 15 already available as of this morning.

Another ten titles at Smashwords, including much of my Texas fiction, will ship to Scribd very soon.

Just hearing the volume numbers being processed by both Scribd and Smashwords, I am grateful for this strong beginning.

And with that beginning, I am most impressed with one thing – my new discoverability.

It takes several forms, which I’ll talk about below.


New Discoverability


Titles are appearing and accessible to anyone with a subscription.  Free trial and paid subscriptions are both available.

Images, in those books with them, appear clear and clean and pleasing.

A built-in Table of Contents seems to work well in both my iPhone app and the Scribd online reading option for all but one title, a growing pain glitch.

But hands down, the most impressive thing so far, is how it validates my hoped for increase in visibility, ie, discoverability.

1) – Read all or some or which part you want.

Not only is this another venue where my work can be seen, not only can I refer to another location via my website and tweets and other social media – but anyone who has access, can not only see and read the usual 10 or 20% sample – they can also browse and see and read and (hopefully) enjoy any part of the book they feel interested in!

Already, in these few titles, these first days, I’ve had as many viewers able to see and sample my books than many free days or promotions via other venues.

And – if the book appealed to the reader enough to go far enough into the book, I get paid for it.

With dozens more titles scheduled to be available soon, I intend to extend on that. 🙂


2) Seeing enough to know if you’ll be interested

With most fiction work, a simple read through or browse, will help the reader decide.

But with some work, as in “101 Sports Poems,” a detailed useable Table of Contents (TOC) is essential.

The list of sports poems one can read is crucial, and a full enough sampling of the content is even more important.

Some outlets let you decide the percent of sample for a potential reader and some don’t.  But even with the ability to choose a percent, the reading device can either end up still not showing up to the point I choose, or showing too much of the story or images.

A subscription service like Scribd, which already allows the reader to read or view or sample as much as he or she desires, is more likely to let the value of that work decide if the reader will choose to take the time to go further into the work.

There’s no cut-off point the reader cannot go past.


3) Being able to go to places within the book via the Table of Contents

This is more important for some work than others.

I have a lot of poetry books and lots of inspirational photo-poem books.

What would it be like to be able to choose from a list of 101 sports poems, and go to any one of them?

To any point in the list?  Immediately read or view any poems or images of interest?

With a Scribd subscription, you can do this with any of my work.

Subscribers can see the whole book via the link below.

And non-subscribers get a nice preview.


The Glitch

And that glitch I spoke about earlier?  It’s the poem titles in the TOC.  They’re different colors.  One set of links work, the others don’t.

How do I know it’s just a glitch?  Because below are two other examples, with the TOC in both fully functional.  Thus, something I know I’ll get fixed.


“101 Sports Poems Vol 1 Baseball,” which has the poems, a creative writing section, and personalized templates, does have a complete working Table of Contents.

Preview of “101 Sports Poems Vol 1 Baseball”


“Arts Poems, Dance Yoga Music Art Writing +” – which, like “101 Sports Poems” has a very extensive Table of Contents.

This sure does give me an appreciation for what Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and others have accomplished with their online services – and what an endeavor this is for companies like Scribd to take on! 🙂


Conclusion & Thanks

Other Authors

I had a bit of help, working the Table of Contents on my app and online, from two other authors, also putting books up on Scribd, and I want to give them my thanks, a hat tip, and a link to their work on Scribd :

Vincent Trigili

Saul Tanpepper


The Search Buttons :

The online TOC and search button at Scribd is a magnifying glass at the top of the page, a “look up” button.  It brings up both functions.

On my iPhone app, it’s an open book symbol on the bottom left.


Scribd & Smashwords

Also much thanks and congratulations to the staff at both Scribd and Smashwords with this monumental new task and opportunity.

I am very excited about the future of this project and will have more updates.

As Scribd has on their online reading pages :

Thanks for reading!

Enjoy reading this book knowing that your subscription is helping support authors!

Please search my titles as they appear on Scribd, at:

My Author Pages on Scribd


namaste´- con dios – god be with you


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