First Impression re Scribd & Oyster – I Like It! And Why…

Love's Travels - Vermont, Paris, Austin; © felipe adan lerma
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First Impression re Scribd & Oyster – I Like It!  And Why…


Pictured Left :

Love’s Travels – Vermont Paris Austin

900 Word Poem.

14 Original Images.

Vermont, Paris, Austin.

Preview of this book at end of post.


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First Impression re Scribd & Oyster – I Like It!

And Why…


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Netflix for Books?

Yes.  I hope. 🙂

You see, among all the reasons, as a reader and a writer, pros and cons about the whole idea of a subscription service for books, is this –

I like Netflix.  Actually my wife and I both do.

And one giant over-riding reason we have stayed with Netflix since 2005, is choice without worry of cost.

In terms of time and money.

Yes, we do pay a monthly fee.  And we do have to at least sample what we receive (if we’re not already familiar with the movie).  So there is a time-cost consideration.  But we don’t have to calculate or ponder on it.  We just try the product.

We like it, we watch it.  We don’t, we return it.  And get another.

We don’t know or care if the dvd or streamed film we choose to see is over or under a particular price.



That promises me something similar might could happen with my reading and books I like or would like to “try out.”

That also promises me the chance to have someone else experiment or enjoy one of my own works.

Considering I have fiction, poetry, images, and photopoems – set in Texas, Vermont, and Paris – that’s incredibly promising.

With that in mind, I especially enjoyed creating my first new work for 2014, “Love’s Travels – Vermont Paris Austin.”

Combining original images I discovered in all three locations, with a romantic story line set to prose poetry, I hope to offer a short easy to read and view piece on love – that folks can enjoy for and beyond the coming Valentines Day.

When one has a significant other whose birthday is also on that red letter heart shaped day, Valentines is always coming soon. 🙂


Final Thoughts

Most creative people want or need to get paid for doing creative work.  Dancing, singing, painting, and yes, writing.

I’m not exempt from that.  And if I didn’t need to get paid for my efforts, I think I’d still want to.

It provides funds in a world where we either need things (medical care, education, etc) or need to help provide for others (family, natural disasters).

Amazon, iTunes, Smashwords.  I need ’em all.

Subscriptions services, I believe, are another step into the unknown world of tomorrow of art and fiction and reading and viewing, happening today.

It’d be foolish not to wish the best for us all. 🙂


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1st of 2014, Available all kinds of ways, soon and now. 🙂


Preview, “Love’s Travels – Vermont Paris Austin”


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    • my pleasure carrie; my wife hadn’t been able to read/see it until this afternoon, grandchildren-logistics 😉 and giggling, she asked, “that’s about our trip, isn’t it?” – so hope you let us know what you think 🙂


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