Mayday! on Amazon – “Very” Nice! ;-)

Dirty Sixth Street, AustinMayday! on Amazon – “Very” Nice! 😉


Pictured Left : Dirty Sixth Street, Austin

Short story crime mystery fiction.

Introduces a new character to my usual cast of tween-teens (6 children ages 9 to “almost” 18) – Sam (Samantha).

Available on all participating outlets


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Mayday! on Amazon – “Very” Nice! 😉



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Choosing an App for My Next Book

App Download Glitch

Final Thoughts



About a month ago, after agonizing for forever in emotional time 😉 I finally decided on my first tablet.

Considering my first computer was a gigantic box from Apple back about ’92, 1992 that is, and having progressed through Bondi Blue and into MacBooks, choosing to by-pass an iPad in favor of an Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9, was wrenching.

But I did it.

There were more considerations than options for taco choices in Austin : price, app needs, camera megapixels, storage, connectivity, and, of course, customer support.

To be honest, there wasn’t any huge differences, at least in terms of my own needs.

Well, maybe price and external wireless hard drive issues.

But my wife and I had sat in stunned silence the day we first saw an ad showing live customer support on the screen.


The image of live immediate 24/7 help while using a new computer/tablet stuck with me.

And once I got my new Fire, I couldn’t wait to try the new feature out.

But it would be a month before I really needed it.


Choosing an App for My Next Book

[please note, there are not affiliate links on my posts or in my books, these are my choices only]

Grandma and Grandpa @ SXSW
In-progress, outlined, partially written, simmering in some memory sauce 🙂

As per my most recent post, I’ve been searching for a reliable inexpensive alternative to both Word and Pages, and have settled, at least for now, on OpenOffice.  As per comments on my post, I’ll probably give LibreOffice a shot also.

Meanwhile 🙂  beyond using Notepad Pro, which is a fine program, I wanted to try out what looked like the most robust word processing program in Amazon’s app store (just my quick view opinion, not the say so from anyone I spoke with at Amazon).

One that might have some of the features I’ve migrated to OpenOffice for.

Browsing the word apps, and I settled on OfficeSuite Professional 7.

I can save and edit files in doc or OpenOffice formats.

I can create links within and from my files.

Eventually, once I have time, I’ll try it and LibreOffice out full throttle feature, and do posts on that.

But I’ve my hands full getting settled with OpenOffice, getting settled with it.  Basically, at this point, I wanted an app I could work on my next book on, in-between my main work on it on my laptop, but via my Kindle.  For convenience.  Ok, and maybe fun too 🙂

My in-progress fiction work is another short story, “Grandma & Grandpa @ SXSW”.

Thus the reason I feature “Dirty Sixth Street, Austin” at the top left of the page, and have a preview below.

This way I could work on my simpler work, format-wise, short fiction pieces, on my laptop, iPhone, or Kindle.

My more complex work, involving about a dozen images, a detailed in-file TOC, and numerous internally and externally directed links, still is easier on my laptop.  OfficeSuite Pro 7 on the Kindle may augment that, but we’ll see. 🙂

Software writing app chosen, I was ready for the Kindle’s usual ultra fast glitch-free download.


App Download Glitch

Despite various attempts, I kept receiving an error msg to try again.

After several tries I thought, “Hmmm, maybe it’s time to try that Mayday thing out.”

I pulled down on the screen from the top, revealing a series of options, such as settings, the app store, and of course, Mayday.

I tapped the icon, and waited about a minute.  I don’t remember if I got a “connecting” msg, but I didn’t seem worried.  After a few more moments, a small rectangular box opened up on my screen, and a pleasant lady identified herself and asked if she could help.

She listened to my narrative, asked a few questions, and we began trying to get OfficeSuite Pro 7 to “take” then download.

She asked if she could take over control of my screen.  I said yes, of course 😉

I could see her hesitating, then she asked if I was using a blue tooth keyboard.


My fear was I wouldn’t be able to use it anymore for some reason.  I really wanted to keep being able to use my new wireless keyboard 😉

Turned out that was no problem, she just wanted to make sure that was why she couldn’t type into a search field.

She apologized and said someone in tech support would probably be better able to help and asked if she could transfer me over to them, after explaining my problem to them, so I wouldn’t have to be repeating myself.  Her tone of voice and manner made me feel this was more than a scripted response to my problem.

A Tech support person came on, but only a set of earphones showed up in the small box on-screen.

He had me pull up some settings, try a few things, then asked if he could call me on my phone, as it looked like we’d need to shut down my Fire and restart it.

After about another ten minutes, we found a way to download the app and we were done.


Final Thoughts

I’m happy with this new level of customer service.  It’s reassuring.  It’s direct.  It works.

At least for me, this time.

I have heard, on various forums, a few, a very few folk, who’ve said their problem did not get solved.  But that’s the last I heard of it.

To me, this is a work in progress, and is a level of customer service and satisfaction building that, should, only get better.

And hopefully, be more emulated by other companies.

The only folk I’ve had direct experience with that even comes close to this level of service, as this was an author-client, rather than as a retail-customer, is Scribd.

There are other good companies trying out there in the retail world, even companies like Randalls with their Just For U app and phone service, and Walgreens with their Balance Rewards card and phone service – but Amazon is carrying the torch far into the distance.

That’s very hopeful to me.


Preview, “Dirty Sixth Street, Austin”

First of (currently) four first person light mystery-suspense short stories.

Available by subscription or direct purchase online.

My Author Pages are listed on the right side of each page on my site, with a full dedicated page on my site at


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