The Writer’s LIfe – 092914 : Coffee and a Walk

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The Writer’s Life –

092914 : Coffee and a Walk


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The Writer’s LIfe –


Coffee and a Walk


September 30, 2014

Is this a New Series?

Yes, I know, I love to start new series. Most have continued, off and on, adding to the sum total.

But honestly, I have no idea.

This might be a one or two time thing.

It might be intermittent or steady, or both, in unpredictable waves.

And who knows, that very attitude might be what give this idea legs. (smiles)



Yesterday morning I walked from McDonalds to Butler Park to write on my cell phone, and came across about a dozen mommas, carriages in tow, exercising. Based on the kicks and punches I saw these ladies strike a few minutes later, over and over, I felt humbled, and sipped my coffee. Promising I’d exercise more, soon.


austin park 092914 IMG_4618Click to Enlarge

You see, the day before that, I’d written a post of how I’d chosen to place the majority of my titles on Kindle Unlimited. Partly to have more time to get fit and do more writing.

Well, I got part of that. Here’s some of what I wrote, still subject of editing.

Oh, and this is a few chapters into my new work-in-progress (WIP), tentatively titled, “Queen.”

So it’s also no spoiler, for anyone reading the book later, to tell you: these two characters are bad guys (smiles).

Raven pulled Stilo with her from the shower, dripping like sprung leaks from the side of a cheap pool.

He let himself be drug onto the generous space of his master bath, waiting to see how far she would try to go. Being boss. Stilo struggled to sound unimpressed.

“We’re dripping over the whole floor.”

The towels were too far to reach.

“So what’s all this tile for then?” she asked, shimmying, shaking herself dry.

By this time, the park was momentarily quiet and almost empty, and the mid-morning Austin sun seemed determined to reach its ninety degree high early.

Walking back up the hill to our apartment, I came up with this to add:

Stilo probed behind his teeth, his tongue searching the crevices, wondering what he was missing.

Once home, settled in, the ac adjusted, I came up with this:

He reached across her, grabbed the towels, tossed her one first, and said, “We gotta talk.”

She held the towel partially across herself, eyes sparkling.

He eyed her carefully. Her fullness. Her eyes.

And turned abruptly – “Yes.”

Stilo found what he was searching for, and set his tongue, still and waiting, behind his top front teeth. It was a face. Raven’s father. That crooked grin. When he ran the business. And was setting someone up.

Yep, definitely something going on there.

And, at least that morning, I could say: I walked, I wrote. (smiles)


namaste´- con dios – god be with you

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