The Writer’s Life – 100814 : Getting Fit (again) is like Writing Something New (again)

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100814 : Getting Fit (again) is like Writing Something New (again)


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The Writer’s Life –

100814 :

Getting Fit (again) is like Writing Something New (again)


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October 09, 2014

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As a Young Senior –

There’s nothing quite like finally forcing myself to get up at 4:30 am, “only” have two cups of coffee, and arrive at the new fitness location in nearly as dark and quiet as the last of the night around me (smiles).

early am 100814 b IMG_4772

For reasons unimportant for this post, the responsible person didn’t make it to open up.

Fitness & Creativity, One Aspect

If you’re a writer, or other creative sort, like a painter or dancer or code jockey, this is probably an easy leap for you to make: getting back into a fitness routine is like starting a new story or canvas or choreography or hack.

And it doesn’t matter if the lay-off was due to injury, illness, or more enjoyable distractions in life (food, children, love life). 🙂

There’s invariably gonna be trip-ups, roadblocks, and tempting alternatives.

Like delay starting. Again.

But like writing with words and their sounds, or painting with pigment, or styling movements with feet arms and torso, getting fit (again) is getting going again. One way or the other.

Starting Anew, Again

So soon as I got home, I checked into another fitness option. This one a lot closer.

Outside. In our current mid-summer-like October weather here in Austin, I guess it’s no surprise it has to start at 5:30, a half hour sooner. Before the sun comes out.

But, it is fifteen minutes shorter.

Something called Outdoor Boot Camp.

Wish Me Luck

I know you’ll want to wish me (creative) luck –

I’ll try and let everyone know, after this coming Friday morning, if :

1) I made it there…

2) If I made it through the routine…

3) And, if I can still walk, talk, or write anymore at all…

Ahhh, yes, the joy of growing old(er) – smiles


namaste´- con dios – god be with you

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