The Writer’s Life – 100114 : Pictures Are More Than What We See

Inspirations from Life - Thirty Three Years of Poems and Images
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The Writer’s Life –

100114 : Pictures Are More Than What We See


Pictured left, “Inspirations from Life” –

Thirty Three Years of Poems and Images

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The Writer’s LIfe –

100114 :

Pictures Are More Than What We See


October 02, 2014

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Inspirations from Life – Thirty Three Years of Poems and Images


Is this a New Series?

Yes, I know, I love to start new series. Most have continued, off and on, adding to the sum total.

But honestly, I have no idea.

This might be a one or two time thing.

It might be intermittent or steady, or both, in unpredictable waves.

And who knows, that very attitude might be what give this idea legs. (smiles)



Where’s the Connection?

It’s almost unfair, to compare the two – Austin Texas and Burlington Vermont that is.

SASAC 100214 IMG_4636       IMG_1695

Each with its own unique appeals.

And it would be more comparative, to use images of the senior center near our AirBnB in Vermont, to the one here in south Austin, SASAC. And of Lake Travis to Lake Champlain.

But this is about the writer’s life.

And what prompts what, in that regard.

The connection here, is bicycling. I guess I better explain (smiles).

 Bike Paths

Yesterday morning I was working on assembling the images that will make my wife and I’s new series, 5 Weeks in Vermont. And I needed to pause to drive to the Austin senior center to sign up for the member lottery.

The senior center’s lottery is the system where the members put their name in for outings that appeal to them. There’s limited space or capacity, and rather than first come first serve, which could be a disadvantage to any senior with transportation or health issues, we can put our names in, up to a certain date, to see who gets picked to go to which function outside the center.

Today we’re vying for a bicycling trip around Lady Bird Lake on Austin’s Hike and Bike Trail. Bike, helmet, and guide included, free. We’ll spring for the optional pay-for-a-meal downtown too.

SASAC 100214 IMG_4636
Click to Enlarge

So this unpretentious building, with its huge parking lot, surrounded by more green than usual in Austin this time of year, is offering us a chance to revisit an activity we found so enjoyable in Vermont, bicycling.

In the next image, down below the power lines, among the trees, is Burlington Vermont’s Bike Path.

So today, my creative image work, merged memories past – with memories to come.

Not too bad (smiles).

Click to Enlarge


What’s really nice is, I’ve come to expect to find connections.

And when (if) Sheila and I do get to make a day of the Hike & Bike Trail outing, out of habit, I’ll be on the lookout for things. I don’t know what things. That’s “the thing” so to speak –

I never know til we do what we’re doing. Quirky funny challenging things happen.

Or at least I notice some of them (smiles).

Then they end up in a story….


namaste´- con dios – god be with you

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  1. Adan, I thought you might want to see what these look like when they come through. Have you considered putting new blog text above the links instead of below?

    Best regards,

    Andy (sent from mobile)

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    Have you discovered The Alexandria Project?

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    • Looks good Andy, thanks! I like those too.

      Not sure why I pick either above or below the text, some times, but I kinda think about it, and if nothing comes to mind stylistically, then I just go with my gut (my first impulse of where to place the link).

      The “few” times I’ve had a thought about it, I know I’ve placed a link above the text because some folk are familiar with the body of the text, and I felt they might just want to jump to the where the link goes.

      But I’m glad you brought it up. Definitely something to keep in mind, thanks Andy. (smiles)


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