Happy National Taco Day! – 2014 Yum!

lunch with grandma and grandpa medHappy National Taco Day!

2014 – Yum!


Pictured left, “Lunch with Grandma and Grandpa”

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Grandma and Grandpa’s adventure taking the grand kids to lunch. (smiles)


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Happy National Taco Day!


October 04, 2014

National Day Calendar often sends me holiday reminders of stuff I wouldn’t have thought had a holiday. One of these is today, for tacos!

The short history via the link above is pretty interesting. Tacos are everywhere now. We saw them in Paris and in Vermont. We even made our own Ver-Tex (Vermont-Texas) tacos in Vermont when we stayed there.

Below is an example of the mix and match yum-yum taco mix Sheila often makes for us. (smiles)


Breakfast taco dish

I think all we need now, at least here in Texas, is a National Taco Truck Day 🙂


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