Story Sample plus Links : Grandma and Grandpa @ Dirty Sixth Street – Family Short Story #ATX

grandma and grandpa at dirty sixth street medStory Sample plus Links :

Grandma and Grandpa @ Dirty Sixth Street –

Family Short Story #ATX


Pictured Left : Grandma and Grandpa @ Dirty Sixth Street –

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Story Sample plus Links :

Grandma and Grandpa @ Dirty Sixth Street –

Family Short Story #ATX



September 29, 2014

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Sample Chapters & Links – My Blog Series

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Grandma and Grandpa @ Dirty Sixth Street


A fun touching family story involving grandparents and grandchildren.

With memories of days they were as young as the teens and twenty-somethings crowding the streets of Austin, Grandma and Grandpa go out into SXSW to meet their grandchildren, and see if the music was still as much fun now as it was then. (smiles)

5300 story words.

21 standard pages.

Set in Austin Texas during SXSW.



Grandma and Grandpa @ Dirty Sixth Street

Barricaded across its side streets, the full width of Sixth Street was left open to pedestrians. Dirty Sixth Street, as some of the residents called it. Even during SXSW.

Arturo marveled.

It had been less than half an hour since he and Rosetta had left the relative quiet of one of their children’s homes, south of the river. Rapidly losing its smaller original homes to custom rebuilds, the treed Bouldin neighborhood had what their grandchildren called, an Austin identity.

Arturo chuckled, remembering how the six grandchildren then had bickered over which of the many identities, like the hike and bike greenbelts, Barton Springs, the rising towers downtown, the blues clubs, was “the” Austin identity.

Rosetta tugged at Arturo’s arm.

“Let’s get off the sidewalk, too crowded,” she half shouted.

Arturo couldn’t make out what she said in the low din of music spilling from doorways and windows. The light crush of people smiling around them soothed him. Calmer, he caught Rosetta’s nod and eye directing them into the open street.

He nodded, elbowing them politely through a wall of milling young people.

“Excuse me…”

“So sorry…”


The crowd of teens and early twenty-somethings saw Arturo, easily nearly half a century older than any of them, a thin arm stretched behind him, towing Rosetta. Her free hand clasped tightly to her loose floppy hat atop her head. The teens, grinning as they squeezed together, parted to let them reach the open street. Soon the two seniors were off the sidewalks and past the barricades.

“Such nice children,” said Rosetta.

Arturo nodded again, figured he should say something. Rosetta liked people to talk with her when she spoke to them.

“Yeah, good kids.”

He was focused on not being surprised by that one or two that weren’t so good. Despite the side by side shields of uniformed police, stationed quietly at each corner, bright in the early afternoon light.

Like driving, Arturo thought, vaguely remembering the Texas State Trooper commercial, half a century ago: best to not be dead right. He noticed only one wanna-be thug, head bobbing to the beats all around them.

Arturo spied where they were going.

“There!” He pointed through a blur of bodies criss-crossing ahead.

Rosetta and Arturo had arrived where they were to meet their six grandchildren.

A bored but patient line of teens, waiting to get into the venue, hugged the thick roughly cut limestone wall edging the sidewalk. Phones hung limply on their hands.  All possible communication already exhausted, thought an already tiring Rosetta, half smiling.  She’d gotten a new knee in Vermont, before returning to Texas.  But the rest of her was original issue, and felt it.

They scanned the line.

“Where’s the kids?” asked Rosetta.

“Inside?” a nervous Arturo answered.

The children all had VIP passes, courtesy of Cherise and Antone, brother and sister, and oldest of their six grandchildren. They were probably already inside.

Getting in wasn’t what made Arturo nervous.  Finding them was.  They might have to text, he worried.  The crowd was already thick as the sound inside. Two men, wide as the width of the stone doorway, asked Rosetta and Arturo if they were with Antone and Cherise.

“How’d ya’ll know that?” Arturo asked, thinking something had happened.

Rosetta stood mute, holding her breath.

“No offense, sir,” said the man to their right. “Ya’ll are the only grandparent-looking people we’ve seen all day.”


End of Sample


Links to : Grandma and Grandpa @ Dirty Sixth Street

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