Happy National Child Health Day! – 2014

At the Beach medHappy National Child Health Day!



Pictured left, “At the Beach”

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Six young cousins (ages nine – seventeen) go with oldest cousins Antone and Cherise to Galveston for the day. (smiles)


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Happy National Child Health Day!


October 06, 2014


Child health, that should be a no-brainer.

But I guess, like so much in history, it’s been a development :

National Day Calendar says,

“President Calvin Coolidge was the first president to issue a Child Health Day Proclamation while the resolution was still pending in Congress”


Time and Date adds,

“The day focuses on a range of child health issues such as prenatal care, adolescent health, the impact of daycare on a child’s development, preventing injuries, healthy eating and lifestyle choices, and immunization.”


Physical, emotional, and spiritual health

If we do it for all children, we do it for ourselves as adults.

And maybe it’s a little tenderness for our own inner child still inside (smiles).


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