Interviewed by Andrew Updegrove – Attorney, Author of The Alexandria Project

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Interviewed by Andrew Updegrove –

Attorney, Author of The Alexandria Project


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Interviewed by Andrew Updegrove –

Attorney, Author of The Alexandria Project



October 20, 2014

Category – Thriller


First Fiction Over-all Creativity Interview

I am very excited to post a link to a comprehensive creativity-orientated interview that author and attorney Andrew Updegrove has posted on his website.

Beside the very kind words from Andrew in the intro to the interview, I have to say, the questions he posed made me delve deeply into my reasons for writing and other forms of creativity. Enough so I came up with the last question, to myself, tying together the various strands.

Additionally, because Andrew himself has recently self-published an exceptionally well received thriller, especially on Goodreads, The Alexandria Project, it is an honor to have him focus his attention my way.

So with much thanks, I ask my readers to either jump on over to the interview directly, or, if you would like to see the questions below, then go over to his site and see the full interview. My first thriller, One Night in the Hill Country, went live yesterday, and this is a great way to celebrate entering its first full week on the market – thanks everyone (smiles).


Questions Posed for Interview

1. It looks from your site like you’ve never written a thriller before. If so, what tempted you to write a book now in that genre?

2. Can you tell us a bit about your new book?

3. I also see that while the genre is new to you, the main character – Samantha – is one you’ve worked with before. Would you tell us a bit about her?

4. Will your regular readers learn new things about her when Sam finds herself in this new type of situation? Will she as well? (And did you?)

5. A lot of your work uses Austin and Texas as a background. Is that only because you know that area well, or are there special aspects that make it attractive to you as a stage?

6. What got you started producing and sharing so many different types of work?

7. What can we look for from you next?

8. Any tips you’d like to share with other self-published authors?

9. How can readers help spread the work about One Night in the Hill Country?

10. So. With all said and done. With all these creative outlets, what is your creative writing about? Or, for that matter, your paintings, and other arts? Is it the same for each of your creative interests?


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